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Refuge in the Water Brings the Outdoors into Mason Studio

Refuge in the Water

The art installation is on view now through September 25

By Designlines
Photography by Scott Norsworthy

Enter The Gallery at Mason Studio and you’ll find yourself welcomed by a flooded pond, mossy plants and an earthy pathway. These components make up the latest in an ongoing series of installations designed and built by the Mason Studio team. Captivating with a sense of wonder, Refuge in the Water is designed to kindle a moment of pause, so that viewers can connect with the studio environment in a new way.

Mason Studio, Toronto

The installation is an expansion of Refuge In The Sky — a visionary project from 2022 showcasing a seven-foot suspended island adorned with vibrant, thriving flora, nestled within the atrium. The primary objective was to explore how nature, when integrated into interior spaces, prompts mindfulness and influences our emotional state. Upon entry, nearly all five senses are awakened by the crunch beneath your feet, a cedar aroma filling the air, and the sound of trickling water.

Refuge in the Water, 2023

Refuge in the Water was crafted using of a variety of accessible materials that could be found between any garden centre and Mason Studio’s very backyard: think cedar mulch, water, pond liner, moss, and rocks. Each of them will be repurposed for future projects. For playful measure, a Fatboy balloon dog faces the studio’s front entrance and window with a street view to greet passersby.

The installation is, in part, a response to the World Health Organization’s report estimating that 25 per cent of the global population suffers from psychological and mental distress, with preliminary evidence suggesting that aquatic environments and riparian areas (vegetation growing along the edge of water) can benefit psychological and mental well-being.

Captioning a post on the studio’s Instagram page, Refuge in the Water is described as a piece to “inspire one to move slower, take a moment, rather than rush through the space without recognizing what’s around them.” With great intention, the installation aims to offer an opportunity to enjoy a natural moment within a built environment, for Mason Studio’s team, guests and the community. MASONSTUDIO.COM

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