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3 Slow Furniture Brands You Ought To Know

Where to shop slow furniture

In Toronto, the notion of quality over quantity is alive and well

By Sophie Sobol

As more and more disciplines are being defined by speed, dupes materialize daily on doorsteps and overconsumption is rampant as trend cycles race against time. In contrast, the slow-living mindset embraces the careful curation of high-quality products made to last. Beyond fashion and food, a reach for the quality of things past has also inspired a slow furniture movement, driven by the ethical design, production, and consumption of furniture.

Today, there is a growing number of slow furniture shops popping up across the city. And though second-hand furniture is an excellent way to adopt slow furniture practices, these three Toronto brands highlight its own mindful design approaches wherein quality comes first.

Mim Concept Furniture

Mim Concept

This self-proclaimed slow furniture shop creates mid-century modern furniture that is as high-quality as it is affordable. With solid wood structures and steel frames, these are furniture designs built to last – and if they don’t, Mim Concept offers a lifetime warranty. Its collections may be small (the entire furniture catalogue is under a dozen beds, dressers, stools, and various tables), but it’s also mighty; dedicated to careful design that appreciates the time it takes to garner great results.

Slow Furniture brands, Toronto


With a newly opened workshop and showroom just north of The Junction, hollis+morris is taking its commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability to the next level. The LEED Platinum Certified slow furniture brand utilizes locally sourced FSC-certified walnut and white oak wood throughout its catalogue of products. Light fixtures feature LED technology which reduces carbon emissions and provides long-lasting illumination. Careful to embody sustainability values in all aspects of production, the team at hollis+morris also uses 90% recyclable packing materials.

Slow Furniture Brands, Canada

Black Bear Woodworking

A small family-owned business, Black Bear Woodworking has been supplying the greater Toronto region with high-quality wood furniture since 1993. With a variety of styles, this slow-furniture brand provides high-quality millwork, cabinetry, and bespoke furniture for homes, retail, and office spaces, as well as made-to-order production work. Black Bear Woodworking prides itself on durable designs made by hand with locally and sustainably sourced material.

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