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The Art Gallery of Burlington Celebrates 40 Years with Personal Retrospective

Art Gallery of Burlington, The Weight of Clay, 2023

The Weight of Clay runs from now through October 6

By Designlines

Over the last forty years, the Art Gallery of Burlington (AGB) has built one of the most expansive collections of Canadian ceramics in the world, encompassing over 4,000 unique pieces. As a hub for both artists and enthusiasts, the Gallery not only preserves the heritage of Canadian ceramics, but propels its growth into the future and solidifies its status as a driver of inspiration and knowledge. This year marks a special milestone as the gallery commemorates its anniversary through a comprehensive retrospect titled The Weight of Clay, an exhibition and series of programs that pay tribute to the artists, curators, educators, volunteers, and donors who’ve built the gallery’s holdings since its inception.

The Weight of Clay, exhibit

Presenting a broad spectrum of work, The Weight of Clay uniquely illustrates the intersection of technical proficiency and artistic expression from various artists across the country. At the centre of the exhibition is a selection of forty works by forty artists representing each year of the Gallery’s history. From functional wares to sculptural objects, the exhibit is less of an encyclopedic survey and more of an intimate and personal approach to the collection’s history. Curator Emeritus, Jonathan Smith, compiled a chronological timeline of works illustrating the growth of the collection. From Jim Hong Louie to Brendan Lee Satish Tang, the assembly of works reflects a history of burgeoning techniques and the rise of clay in Canada.

The Weight of Clay, AGB

In an effort to ignite contemporary craft discourse, the exhibit’s public programming series is a platform to investigate some of the biggest questions surrounding the topics of clay and its expressions.

Brendan Lee Satish Tang, Manga Ormolu Version 4.0r, 2013. Ceramic and mixed media.

The Art Gallery of Burlington stands as a landmark in the GTA, both as a physical space and a testament to the intellectual growth of ceramics in the country. By way of this exciting exhibition, the Gallery’s commitment to ceramics as a medium emphasizes the evolution of artistic thought and creative expression within the Canadian context. For art enthusiasts and first-time visitors alike, The Weight of Clay offers a glimpse into the past, present and future of this creative medium. AGB.LIFE.

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