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BuzziSpace’s Latest Designs Addresses Acoustics in Tight Quarters

BuzziTube Square

For corporate workplaces and home offices alike

By Designlines

Since 2007, BuzziSpace has produced design-forward acoustic solutions, lighting, and furniture for the evolving workplace. Those who frequent Toronto’s coworking spaces have likely come across the brand’s infamous BuzziNest office pod, known for its ultra sound absorption and felt-dressed design. In expanding its lighting category, the Antwerp-based brand has recently released two new products: the BuzziTube Square and BuzziJet Square.

BuzziSpace Acoustic Solutions,
The BuzziTube Square comes in five sizes, from Small to XXL.

These designs represent the evolution of two of BuzziSpace’s most popular products now reimagined in a contemporary square design—a response to data suggesting square shapes enhance sound absorption, allowing sound waves to bounce back and forth within the square body to mitigate noise.

Hung from above, both the BuzziTube Square and BuzziJet Square offer a compact noise solution in spaces of virtually any size, from nurseries to home offices to open-concept workshops. Their assembly requires no more than a typical light fixture, and blends into a variety of interior design styles.

Interior Design Resources. Acoustics
The BuzziJet Square is available in four sizes (Small, Medium, XL, and XXL).

Both designs offer eight different fabric colours, fostering infinite personalization through mixing and matching of colours and sizes. The lights can be arranged in various configurations to achieve any desired acoustic and visual effect. In the GTA, Square series from BuzziSpace, along with the brand’s entire line, can be sourced through Sterling Architectural Products. STERLING-LIGHTS.COM

BuzziTube Square - BuzziJet Square. Workplace Design.
Equipped with a powerful light output, the acoustic panels light up any space while also reducing noise for improved focus.

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