Creative Matters Chord Rug

With its layered design, the Chord rug is understated but full of character

By Designlines in partnership with Creative Matters

Founded in Toronto in 1988, Creative Matters has built a reputation for itself as a supplier of exceptional, original, high-quality and ethically-produced floor coverings. For thirty-five years, the local manufacturer has designed custom rugs using the highest principles of design, which come to life in the form of vivid motifs, abstract patterns and unique colour schemes. Among Creative Matters’ Sonance collection, the Chord rug features a layered design—understated yet full of character.

In a luminous Chartreuse colourway, Chord was built on the concept of musical tones sounding simultaneously, and is impressively depicted through the rug’s echoing curves. Adding a hand-painted essence to its design, the Chord rug’s transparent, linear elements blend into one another, interrupted by a rhythm of ivory strings.

Chord Rug
Designed in Toronto and crafted in Nepal, Chord is hand-knotted with fine Tebetan wool and pure Chinese silk.

Fit for a variety of spaces, this artistic floor covering comes in a variety of sizes, including 8’ x 10’, 9’ x 12’, 10’ x 14’, and 12’ x 15’. Made using natural materials, the Chord rug a 4mm cut pile construction and 30% silk content. The result is a plush, comfortable design that feels luxurious and soft to touch.

Beyond its impressive design,  the Chord rug is produced through Creative Matters’ fair trade handmade carpet supply chain, which address important production methods from fair labour standards to environmental protection to production quality. CREATIVEMATTERSINC.COM.


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