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CW50 by Tiltco

In partnership with Tiltco Architectural

Let unobstructed exterior views filter into your home with Tiltco‘s CW50, a thermally broken aluminum curtain wall façade and roof system that offers great creative freedom for architects, designers and homeowners alike. 

CW50 by Tiltco

CW50 provides ample natural light into the building, with an emphasis on minimal design and aesthetics, as well as durability. The system has limitless combinations of vertical and inclined planes, together with the integration of different types of vents, and double or triple-glazed glass. All Tiltco products undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest quality standards, so you won’t have to worry about performance over the years. 

Tiltco has adapted its manufacturing process to expertly conserve energy and efficiency for an eco-friendly product. As we grow increasingly concerned about our environment, ensuring quality control and energy-saving are key — especially in construction. Tiltco’s floor-to-ceiling windows use the most sustainable materials on the market. In fact, aluminum and uPVC/vinyl has the lowest production energy and raw material requirements and emissions of any window and door manufacturing process.

CW50 by Tiltco

And that’s not all: Tiltco’s CW50 comes in variety of sleek frame designs to choose from — from anthracite grey to clear anodized. And because it’s so versatile, the ultra-transparent window is the perfect solution for contemporary architecture — and will last for years to come. 

CW50: Residential Curtain Wall

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