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Tiltco Architectural Brings the Great Outdoors Inside

The GTA-based manufacturer’s CP130 lift and slide doors are available in custom sizes, finishes and configurations

By Designlines in partnership with Tiltco Architectural

Whether you’re renovating your existing home or building one from the ground up, countless details and material choices go into how your space looks and feels. But for all the importance of selecting the right flooring and surfaces, few elements are as vital as natural light and airflow. Fortunately, for homeowners, builders and architects looking to maximize on both, there’s a standout option that provides the best of both worlds: Tiltco Architectural’s CP130 lift and slide doors.

Tiltco windows & doors
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Canadian-owned and operated since 1988, Tiltco brings the versatility and forward-thinking design of European glazing to the GTA. Tiltco’s fenestration systems are the ideal complement to contemporary homes, whether owners are looking for the easy, room-changing convenience of a turn-and-tilt window, or, in the case of the CP130, a way to truly open up their space to the outdoors. “Our goal with the CP130 and our other window products,” says Sanjay Madha, vice president of sales at Tiltco, “is to allow architects, builders and homeowners to design their buildings with complete comfort and freedom, knowing that they have a glazing partner that can make their dreams come true.”

Tiltco windows & doors
Photo Courtesy of Tiltco.

Featuring panels up to three metres tall and eight metres wide, Tiltco’s CP130 system creates a seamless transition between inside and out. With a simple turn of the handle and push of the surprisingly lightweight door, the transition between interior and exterior spaces dissolves, elegantly transforming backyards into extensions of the home.

Tiltco windows
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Unlike other systems, CP130 sliding doors are also fully customizable. Two-, three- and four-track designs, as well as pocket and corner doors, are all on hand in both manual and motorized configurations. And with a near-endless array of colours and shades available, and three handle styles offered in five different finishes, no two installations will look the same.

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Whatever configuration you choose, performance and security will always exceed expectations. With triple-glazed and laminated options available, even the largest CP130 sliding doors are constructed to an ultra-efficient passive house standard, keeping homes toasty during the doldrums of winter. Plus, they reduce outside noise to a whisper, rendering streetcars and snowplows silent, while its robust aluminum construction and unique water drainage system ensures wind and rain stay outside, too. TILTCO.COM

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