VOGT’s new collection conjures sophisticated simplicity

By Designlines in partnership with VOGT Industries

Mond, which is German for Moon, is a name that captures the ethereal essence of VOGT’s latest collection. This dreamy line of faucets and accessories comes in a range of variations as expansive as the sky itself, with sixteen interchangeable faucet handle colours to pair with the line’s main finishes of Chrome, Matte Black, and Brushed Gold.

Intuitive designs encapsulate the VOGT philosophy, and MOND is no exception. The collection’s texture and elegant carvings evoke a graceful symmetry. Fluting, an effect created with shallow grooves that playfully flicker light across the surface of the designs, is used throughout. The result is a variety of products that emulate the brand’s luxurious style, while still achieving a unique and tailored look for homeowners seeking to refresh their current space or build a new one.

From contemporary to classic, MOND offers a stylistic match for every type of interior.

The collection, which includes 54 products, was inspired by the expanse of the starry night sky. Without sacrificing its specificity as a highly cohesive, yet customizable, collection, MOND offers a range of finishes, features and designs, enabling you to curate your ideal interior scheme.

Bathroom Faucets VOGT, MOND Collection
Like all VOGT faucets, the MOND collection is lead-free, designed with a Physical Vapour Deposition to prevent scratches, and ceramic disk cartridges for long-lasting, optimal performance.

VOGT’s MOND collection of kitchen and bathroom faucets serves as a starting point for crafting a refined interior design by embodying the essence of sophistication and modernity. Beyond its visual appeal, the carefully curated range of faucets exudes durability, ensuring long-lasting beauty in any kitchen or bathroom space. Whether aiming for a contemporary chic or timeless classic look, this line provides the perfect foundation upon which to build a captivating and harmonious space. VOGTINDUSTRIES.COM.

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