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Northern Wide Plank Flooring

North Wide Plank Flooring, Designlines magazine
By Designlines

Northern Wide Plank Flooring designs, manufactures and distributes wide plank flooring, wall cladding, and other design elements for both residential and commercial spaces. For more than 30 years, the company has taken an artisanal approach, treating each piece of wood with the utmost care and prioritizing attention to detail throughout the process.

A family-owned, Canadian business, Northern Wide Plank Flooring knows the importance of sustainability, and continues to reevaluate and improve its practices toward a greener future. From its Summerhill showroom, products are locally made and globally recognized––rooted by the company’s core values; craftsmanship, integrity, passion, exceptional quality and outstanding customer care. NORTHERNWIDEPLANK.CA.

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    North Wide Plank Flooring

    287 Macpherson Ave,
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