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Paint Colour Trends: What To Expect in the Year Ahead

Blue reigns in 2024, plus a plea for minimalist earth tones

By Designlines

As we look to the year ahead, we can expect a fresh palette of paint colours to shape the interiors of homes and mark the beginning of a new chapter. From soothing hues that evoke a sense of tranquility to bold, statement-making shades that demand attention, the upcoming year promises a balance of paint colour trends inspired by the changing tides of 2024. Whether you’re seeking a subtle refresh or a dramatic makeover, we’ve detected four major colour trends sure to elevate your living quarters.

2024 Paint Report, Trends
Oxford Stone No.264, Farrow & Ball. Photo courtesy of Asger Mortensen, Wester Agency.

Clay Tones

Inspired by earthenware, clay tones offer a timeless sophistication that combines warmth and neutrality. We predict these muted hues will amp up in popularity next year as we collectively reach for shades with a sense of simplicity and adaptability. Take Farrow & Ball‘s Oxford Stone, for example. This exquisite shade falls within an earthy spectrum, exhibiting a subtle blend of grey and beige undertones. It adds a touch of understated elegance when used  to create a monochromatic scheme, adapting seamlessly to various design aesthetics and creating a harmonious backdrop for furniture, art and decor.

Blue Paint 2024
Upward SW 6239, Sherwin-Williams. Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams.

Into the Blue

Nearly across the board, some of the biggest names in paint have agreed that in 2024, blue is best. From Benjamin Moore‘s Blue Nova to Sherwin-Williams‘ Upward, shades of blue have taken the top spot among 2024 paint trends. From softly saturated to periwinkle, blue offers a sense of relief in times of much-needed renewal. In announcing its 2024 Colour of the Year, Valspar describes Renew Blue as “the antidote to the stress and overwhelmingness that life has handed us in the last few years. It creates a sense of peace where less of everything … is everything.”

Beige Paint
Chic Taupe N230-4, Behr. Photo courtesy of Behr.

Beige is Back

As furniture and accents of creamy white and linen popularize in 2024, beige will return to its roots as one of the most highly sought-after wall paint hues for your living spaces. Designers are increasingly reaching for light, powdery shades of beige as a way to warm up the washed-out greys of pre-pandemic days. Additionally, it arguably offers a sense of “quiet luxury” during a period of economic downturn. An underdog among bolder colour trends this year, Chic Taupe by Behr is a perfect example of how beige is back.

Green Paint Ideas, 2024 Paint Trends
Porsche Irish Green. Photo courtesy of Backdrop.

Hits of Green

For those seeking a bold statement without the high vibrancy of neon or fiery tones, dark hunter green offers a sense of style and serenity. Inspired by the glossy exterior of a Porsche 356C, Backdrop‘s Irish Green emulates this trend perfectly and adds a dose of high class to our 2024 colour trends report. This shade has a beautiful finish that maintains its deep, earthy texture without appearing overwhelming. The best part about this trending colour is that it syncs fabulously within dynamic settings paired with creams, leather browns and doses of patterned decor.

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