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Design Trends to Covet in 2024

2024 Design Trends, Designlines Magazine

This year, a shift away from the clean and ultra contemporary will inspire interiors full of texture and industrial edge

By Designlines

With January 1st comes a collective interest to embrace the year ahead and mark the beginning of a new chapter. What better way to do this than a seasonal refresh within our homes? Whether you’re craving something new or simply seeking to enhance your space, let these emerging design trends of 2024 guide you in the right direction.

Texture Interior Design
Photography by Doubelspace Photography.

Texture Knows No Bounds

Topping our list of 2024 design trends is a surge in textural features within the home. Custom millwork will boast fluted or grid-style detailing, while smaller-scale takes on this trend include ruffled throws, rugged runners and Limewash paint.

2024 Design Trends
Photography by Riley Snelling.

Art Takes Centre Stage

Interior decorating trends this year will showcase a skew from gallery walls and a focus on standalone art pieces. By reserving space above bedroom vanities and living room sofas for a one-of-a-kind work, visual impact is balanced by an orderly aesthetic. In simplest terms, this is a matter of quality over quantity.

Design Trends of 2024
Photography courtesy of A-N-D Light.

Industrial Elements Reign

Contrasting the plush, minimalist spaces popularized over the last decade, homes will embrace a little edge this year. Stripped materials, metallic accents and striking silhouettes make this emerging trend a hard one not to fall for. From architecture to lighting, the opportunities to adopt a touch of industrial style in your home are growing, and we’re fully on board.

Heritage Home Toronto
Photography by Lauren Miller.

Heritage Restored

Like all thoughtful design, this trend looks forward while honouring the past. As transitional interior design grows in popularity, homeowners and renters alike are choosing to merge modern elements with the historic characteristics of their spaces. From preserved ornamental ceilings to stained glass windows, a celebration of heritage is on the rise.

2024 Design Trends, Designlines Magazine
Photography courtesy of Creative Matters Inc.

Rugs Revolutionized

No longer will rugs melt into the background or further the monochromatic look. Among our 2024 design trends is a reach for statement-making rugs in new and inventive colours that align with leading paint trends. Beyond their shade, an emerging trend of curved and angular floorcoverings will augment this uptake and make bespoke rugs one of the hottest decorative elements this year.

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