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Two Lighting Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2024

Lighting Trends, 2024

Merging a reach for brutalism and ’70s nostalgia

By Joseph Cicerone

The latest lighting trends reflect a resurgence of industrial style, elements of brutalism and a heavy helping of colourful, curvy forms inspired by the 1970s. The stark, raw geometries of brutalist elements bring a sense of boldness and edge to spaces seeking a lofty aesthetic. While bright and sinuous lighting fixtures inject a playful spirit fit for an art-dressed home where colour and creativity runs wild.

This juxtaposition sparks an exciting visual dialogue in interior design that will influence the year ahead as architects and designers lean heavily toward both elements of strength and fluidity. Keep reading for a closer look at our favourite designs in both of these trending styles.

Metal Head

This lighting trend draws inspiration from the Brutalist architectural movement of the mid-20th century. They feature bold, geometric shapes, raw materials and a utilitarian aesthetic with harsh lines and exposed bulbs.

2024 Lighting Trends
From $2,530, at FLOS.

Spot On

What might appear at first glance to be a spotlight, is, in fact, the iconic Taccia light, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Its concave spun aluminum reflector emits diffused light downward instead, casting a controlled and natural glow.

Designlines Magazine
Pricing upon request, at Standard Shop.

Next Gen

A-N-D’s new Vector pendant positions rectilinear sections in vertical orientation to create a futuristic form evocative of an otherworldly spacecraft. In a black steel finish, the light is unapologetically brutalist nodding to both the architectural style’s past, present, and future.

Designlines Magazine, Industrial Design
Pricing upon request, through Eric Kirwin.

Machine Learning

Warm LEDs provide a contrast to the hardness of the raw aluminum beam and machined nodes that make up this compositional design by local designer Eric Kirwin.

Pricing upon request, at Artemide.


The Shogun table lamp’s innovative steel shade can be adjusted to direct light where desired. Paired with its bold black and white stripes, this graphic design and distinct silhouette make for a light source with staying power.

Lighting Trends
Pricing upon request, at Dark Tools.

Smoke Show

English home furnishing brand Buster + Punch is defined by its work with rare, solid metals. In the Forked pendant, the brand marries machined, cast and hand-spun solid metal with a smoked glass globe for an edgy design and soft decorative glow.

Brutalist Lighting Design
From $877, at LightForm.

Stone Cold

Discarded pieces of granite make up the Parga suspension light by a-emotional light. Its specks of black and fine grain marry a familiar finish with an unconventional form.

Well Rounded

This lighting design trend is inspired by the colourful and curvy aesthetics of the 1970s. It’s a vibrant and playful approach that pays homage to the bold design elements of that era, featuring bold colours, versatility in placement, and lots of circular style.

Wood Light Fixtures
From $1,150, at Hollis+Morris.

Circular Design

Just as an anchor holds a vessel firmly in place, the Anchor Sconce by Hollis+Morris provides the visual weight to tether one’s attention, with its generous solid wood shape and glowing acrylic disk.

2024 Design Trends, Lighting Trends
$1,145, at Klaus.

Plant Life

A natural evolution for Verner Panton’s Flowerpot light, the VP8 model adjusts the iconic design into a wall lamp, perfect for adorning hallways, reading nooks or hanging above bedside tables.

Disk Lighting
Pricing upon request, at AM Studio.

Sleek Simplicity

Designed by Ichiro Iwasaki, Vibia’s Flat pendant features disc-shaped diffusers that blend into architectural surroundings with ease. Atop its flat metal plate, a punch of colour adds character.

Nordic Design
$306, at Robinson Lighting & Bath.

Top This

An overlay of geometric figures and a curved tilt-base shade make Marset’s Bicoca table lamp a playful and versatile portable light source. A variety of shade colours provides options for any space no matter your taste.

IKEA Canada
$19, at IKEA.

Light Bright

Simple in its design, the BLÅSVERK lamp’s soft shape and retro feel make for a timeless bedside accessory. Available in blue, yellow or beige, this charming lamp is an understated statement piece.

Lighting Trends 2024
From $340, at Luminaire Authentik.

Finnish Line

The Finlandaise pendant derives its design inspiration from Scandinavia. Beneath its glossy double shade, this light includes a Tala Sphere bulb which can be dimmed to recreate the warm glow of a candle flame.

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