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Fall Cocktails Inspired by Warm and Cozy Home Interiors

Fall Drinks inspired by Interior Design.

Inspired by the work of studio otty, our curated drinks list pulls from the design firm’s bold statements and global style

By B.F. Dawes
Photography by Lauren Kolyn (cover); Anna Lin (illustrations)

Cold weather has officially hit Toronto. As the temperature drops and the holidays quickly approach, there’s no better time to share some of our favourite fall drinks to keep things warm and cozy. Inspired by the portfolio of local design firm studio otty, this curated cocktail list featured bold accents, eclectic tastes and a global style.

Dark and Stormy recipe

The Water’s Edge

The inspiration: Designer Alisha Sturino of studio otty amps up the drama in this bathroom with dark, stormy, oversized porcelain tile from Ciot.

The recipe: Take your favourite tall glass (the old vintage one, the everyday kitchen one, the gold-rimmed one from your grandparents’ house), cram with ice, squeeze over some lime. Add your choice of ginger beer (sweet, spicy, you decide), then a dark rum float. Watch the swirling tempest in what has quickly become one of our favourite fall drinks. Top it all off with two lime wedges and enjoy the calm before the storm.

Fall Drinks 2023

The Hot Canadian

The inspiration: A study in classics, this cozy corner nook dressed in wood screams for a comforting cocktail.

The recipe: A basket of ripe apples can be had for a song at the market. Chop these ruby reds roughly into chunks and put into a medium-sized pot. Peel, stem, seeds, core – all goes in. Add water to cover and bring to a boil. Simmer until soft. Strain and season to taste with a touch of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice, brown sugar, and lemon juice. In a waiting mug, add some spirit: in this case, rye whisky. Top up with fresh hot apple cider and garnish with a cinnamon stick. So good. Are you kidding me?

Fall Drinks Interior Design

The Italian Consulate

The inspiration: An upcycled marble table in this Little Italy house is the perfect stylish perch for your amaretto sour – a fall drink inspired by the cultural mosaic of Europe.

The recipe: All sours have the same ratio of spirits to lemon juice to simple syrup, which is 2:1:1. Use your selection of amaretto, fresh lemon juice or “Real Lemon,” which gives a nice foam after a convincing shake – no egg whites required. Do this, over ice. Strain into a chilled coupe. Garnish with lemon peel, candied or fresh. Squeeze some peel over the finished cocktail for a fragrant bouquet. Mwah!

Interiors, Library

The Montreal Commuter

The inspiration: Lacquered shelves in glossy oxblood red are the height of sophistication – an ideal spot to enjoy a Bloody Caesar.

The recipe: Rim a highball glass with seasoned salt, or better yet, Montreal steak spice. Fill with ice. Add a healthy 1-2 ounce pour of dry gin, give a decent amount of Worcestershire sauce and a few drops of hot sauce (Tabasco or that specialty number you’ve had since your trip to New Orleans years ago). Top with Clamato and leave space for a splash of red wine. Garnish with wedges of fresh lime, then add your flair with homemade pickles, cocktail wieners, sausage rolls, or olives. Sit back and enjoy.

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