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Customize Your Space With the Latest Modular Sofas

Modular Sofas

The latest designs that marry comfort and customization

By Designlines

Modular sofas aren’t new. In fact, many of their contemporary designs nod to the iconic modular sofas of the 1960s and ’70s. Though there are many reasons why you might want to opt for a modular sofa today. They’re stylish, space efficient and enable you to fully customize your living space in a way that suites your particular tastes and needs. Whether you’re building a lounge space for your next house party, designing a lofty office for a new client or simply making the most out of a petite floor plan, consider these modular sofas as your all-in-one seating solution.

Modular Sofas 2023

Into The Groove

Modelling the abstract profile of a bird, EQ3’s highly anticipated Bird Sofa collection features a hidden clip system to allow seamless coupling of the line’s various products, including a Swivel Chair, Modular Ottoman and 5-piece sectional. Each piece of this collection works on its own, and can be collected overtime as your space grows. From $999, at EQ3.

Modular Sofa Ideas

High Note

Drawing inspiration from the lounge sofas of the 1970s, Part & Whole’s Chord sofa system is defined by its quilted super-graphic topper and natural configurability. Choose from a variety of natural upholsteries to further customize the look. This West Coast brand also designed a curved beverage tray that fits snug atop  From $1,950, through AAVVGG.

Toronto Design Shops, Interior Design

Rest Assured

A classic aesthetic sets the Landa sofa apart from furniture fads that come and go. Beyond its sleek silhouette, this modular sofa’s timeless appeal includes an adjustable backrest and three armrest positions. From $4,485, at Calligaris.

Audo Copenhagen

Au Naturel

Designed by Norm Architects, the Eave Modular Sofa takes its name from an eave of a house. The curved armrests lend the sofa its distinct charm and allow for unique modular arrangements. Pricing upon request, at Klaus.

Designlines Magazine Furniture

Nook and Cranny

The Evol sofa set is made up of three unique pieces: an upholstered chair, cozy corner element, as well as a removable metal base. For small spaces, this modular sofa makes a dynamic and highly functional seating solution. $2,700, at Mobilia.

Modular Sofas Living Room Furniture


A quick glance at the Luva sofa system and you’ll see the infinite possibilities of its distinct shape. Adjustable backrests lift up to accommodate varying seating preferences, and every modular piece can be connected or separated with ease. Pricing upon request, at Herman Miller.

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