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Mudd Concrete’s Bōl Collection Honours the Beauty of Handmade

Bōl Collection

Using concrete as its medium, the countryside studio west of Toronto applies the sensibilities of pottery-making to a traditionally robust material

By Designlines

One glance at Mudd Concrete’s Bōl collection and you’ll find yourself charmed by its artisanal allure. The collection comprises a variety of washbasins inspired by artisan origins and introduces gentle, curved forms to express a more organic beauty than your typical kitchen or bathroom sink, further demonstrated in Bōl’s neutral, nine-colour palette range. The result is a line that merges modern and antique in a timeless fashion.

Mudd Concrete Collection
LEFT Rōve basin, from $975. RIGHT Cerrō basin, from $1,295. The Bōl collection can be shopped locally at TAPS and Casson Hardware.

A testament to the beauty of clay and the craftsmanship of pottery, Bōl was inspired by the transformative process of clay moulding under the skilled hands of a potter and pays homage to Mudd Concrete’s personal, artisan beginnings. Experimenting with tactile textures, each basin design presents unique cementitious impressions, imperfectly hand-brushed across the surface by co-founder and master artisan Anton Vanee.

While concrete conveys strength in character, Bōl experiments with casting concrete in more tactile textures, and positions the material’s industrial heritage to take on a new identity; one in which form, function, and artistry balance in harmony. Both the process and result represent artistic expression in its purest form. MUDDCONCRETE.COM

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