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DL-Approved Outdoor (Licensed) Patio Design

outdoor patios toronto

Welcome back, patio season

By Designlines

Yes, it’s true, patio season is finally kicking off. It won’t be like other years – expect reservations, limited group sizes, digital menus, cashless transactions – but it will include food, drink, friends and sunshine, and frankly, that’s good enough for us. Below, we’ve rounded up the DL-approved patios that are now open for business.

outdoor patios toronto - Gusto 501
Photo by Arash Moallemi

Gusto 501

No, the four-storey hike up the rooftop of Gusto 501 is not for the faint of heart, but it’s worth it. On the way up, you’ll be surrounded by rippling terracotta brickwork, ruddy weathering steel and gorgeous uses of walnut and marble, all courtesy of Partisans. Plus, the view from the top – a panorama of the city – is tough to beat. And besides, you’ll feel better if you earn that Aperol spritz. Check out our feature on Gusto 501 here.

outdoor patios toronto - Bar Vendetta
Photo by Worker Bee Supply

Bar Vendetta

Come for a drink, but stay for the contrast. Jen Agg’s design for Bar Vendetta is meant to strike a “post-’70s, dad-basement vibe,” an aesthetic that unexpectedly fits well with the restaurant’s above-ground back patio. Best beverage bet: don’t go red wine, or white, but match with the patio’s stripes and check out BV’s selection of orange wine. Check our take on Vendetta here.

Maison Selby restaurant
Photo by Rick O’Brien

Maison Selby

When we first stopped by, we were entranced by Maison Selby’s commitment to reproducing a classic Parisian bistro. And why not? Solid Design Creative decked it out with lustrous dark wood, generously upholstered chairs, gypsum-cast forms and patterned brass hinges – the place is a dead ringer for la Belle Époque. Now, however, we’re taken with Maison Selby’s equally committed homage to the Parisian street-side cafe – and you should be, too. See our write-up of Maison Selby here.

Madrina restaurant


We’re reluctant to tell DLers to skip Madrina’s interior, because no detail was overlooked when Studio Munge worked its magic on the century-old grain mill. But we’ve been cooped up and patio-less far longer than usual this year, and besides, situated in the heart of old Toronto and set up on the Distillery District’s cobblestones, Madrina’s patio is a looker, too. Plus, it’s the only place to get their incredible trio of sangrias. See why we love Madrina here.

outdoor patios toronto - Kasa Moto
Photo by Naomi Finlay

Kasa Moto

Yorkville and restaurant patios – name a hotter duo. Yeah, we can’t either. And amongst – well, above – that sizeable collection of terraces and porticos stands Kasa Moto’s massive, II by IV-designed rooftop patio. The luxurious outdoor expanse is ideal for maintaining distance while enjoying flame-licked robata and platters of ngiri. Check out our write-up here.

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