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Meet Our 2024 Love Tag Recipients

Designlines Love Tags 2024

Each year, our editors award these tags to noteworthy exhibitors at DesignTO, IDS Toronto and other events across the city, recognizing the exceptional craftsmanship and creativity in Toronto’s local design community

By Designlines

Join us in celebrating the creativity and talent of our 2024 Love Tag recipients, from colour-bursting art installations to innovative product designs, booth designs and everything in between.

Zieta, Love Tags 2024

Ultraleggera Chair

Designer: Zieta
Key Feature: Beyond its composition of fully-recycled aluminum, “the world’s lightest chair” is made with less than 3 kilograms of material.

Nike Onile

The Nike Onile Art & Design Foundation

Designers: Tommy Smythe, Danielle Nicholas Bryk, Samantha Pynn
Key Feature: Inspired by the late designer Nike Onile’s ethos of joy, wellness and beauty in the home, this booth marks the official launch of the NO-AD Foundation, which aims to support diverse Canadian artists and creatives as they embark of their careers.

Table Designs

Contour Console Table

Designer: Objects&Ideas
Key feature: Connects to the concept of landscape by using wavy forms in a washed finish that mimic contour lines on a topographic map.

2024 Love Tags, IDS

Sustainable Acoustic-Product Design

Designer: Ayrsonics
Key Feature: EzoBord-integrated lighting fixture in collaboration with wallpaper design company Robin Sprong.

Toronto Design Week, 2024 Love Tags

Journey Through Geometry

Designer: Safoura Zahedi
Key Feature: Inspired by fractal forms in nature, the digitally fabricated sculpture is made of a repeating single unit comprised of fully reusable material.

Och Ceramics

Och Works

Designer: Isabel Ochoa and James Clarke-Hicks
Key feature: 3D-printed ceramic lighting and sculpture trimmed, fired and glazed like traditional pottery.

Arcana Muskoka

The System 00 Prefab A-Frame

Designer: The Backcountry Hut Company
Key Feature: Measuring in at 10×10 feet at ground level, this modern prefabricated cabin can be built from start-to-finish in under a week.

Montauk Sofa

Montauk Sofa

Designer: Danny Chartier
Key feature: Monochromatic fabric dressing and unveiling of the brand’s newest sofa design.

Miele, Canada

The DGC 7870 Combi Steam Oven

Designer: Miele
Key feature: Motion sensor oven light and integrated vacuum sealing drawer.


ceramics by LJM

Designer: Laura Jean Marie
Key feature: Made-to-order collection of dinnerware born out of the artist’s ongoing project with Prime Seafood Palace.

Milky's Toronto, Coffee Shop

Pola Collection @ Milky’s

Designer: anony
Key feature: A rolled sheet of steel fills with warm light to augment a juxtaposition of hard and soft throughout the collection.

Designlines 2024 Love Tags

The Tilt Lounging Set

Designer: Mark Khoury
Key feature: An adjustable back rest that swings for custom comfort.


IDS DL Love tags

Mark Krebs Handmade Wool Rugs

Designer: Mark Krebs
Key feature: Montrealer Mark Krebs collaborates with weavers in India to produce a beautiful collection of colourful and soft handmade wool rugs in livable tones.

IDS DL love tags

The FOTILE 2-in-1 In-Sink Dishwasher

Designer: FOTILE
Key feature: A top-loading, water-conserving dishwasher that fits into your sink, which saves space while providing additional counter surface.

AND Ceramics

Reversible Candle Holders

Designer: AND Ceramic Studio
Key feature: These pieces can be flipped to hold either a candlestick or tea light.

2024 Designlines Love Tags

Venezia Taps

Designer: Fantini Rubinetti
Key feature: Each of these jewel-like handles are made of Murano glass are entirely bespoke.

IDS DL Love tags

Canada Custom Shutters

Designer: Canada Custom Shutters
Key feature: Beautiful solid-wood shutters for exterior and interior boasting modern and traditional designs.

IDS Love tags

Roche Bobois Bombom series

Designer: Joana Vasconcelos
Key feature: A playful (and insanely comfortable) collection of sofas made for exterior or indoor use in a confectionary palette. The backrests are all mobile, allowing you to personalize your comfort.

Style Garage and The Plant Studio by Terra

Designer: Stylegarage
Key feature: The luxurious and locally made Marcelle sofa by Style Garage is a classic, especially when set within a tropical setting thanks to The Plant Studio by Terra. Over 150 tropical plants transformed this little oasis, highlighting the brilliant colour of the velvet upholstery.


Tav Ceramics

Designer: Tanvi Arora
Key feature: This Vancouver-based ceramics studio specializes in lighting and objects with unique presence. This piece captured our hearts for its celestial form and tactile base.


Designer: Noam Hazan
Key feature: A new venture for the architect behind our 2023 Top Renovations issue cover, BLOKK offers a flat-packed, easy-to-assemble prefab garden suite replete with a pull-down bed, extendable dining table, kitchen, office and bathroom.

IDS Love tags


Designer: CABN
Key feature: A prefab outbuilding that’s small in footprint, but big in impact. Solar-powered and detailed as a cozy modern cabin, this outbuilding is constructed with sustainably grown timber.

DesignTO, 2024

Pretty Secrets @ Mararamiro

Designer: Sarah Holloway
Key feature: The Morning Glory table lamp by Sarah Holloway plays with form in a raw and nostalgic way.

DesignTO 2024

Thirtyfour Parking Garages in Toronto

Artist: Doublespace Photography 
Key feature: This photo exhibit explores a thought-provoking topic of what our future looks like in a city where real estate is at a premium and a shift from automobile-serving urban planning is on the rise.

Mason Studio, Toronto Design

Nourish: Connecting Through Dumplings

Designer: Mason Studio
Key feature: Ceramic dumpling wrappers floating above the studio’s gallery space.

313 Design Market, Love Tags 2024

Riso Ruckus

Designer: Vikki Wiercinski
Key feature: Highlighting the joy of print culture in our lives today, Japanese risograph stencil was used to create hand-folded paper cubes featuring vibrant graphics.

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