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FUZION Collection

By Designlines in partnership with Vanico-Maronyx

Vanico-Maronyx produces unique bathroom furniture designed with a wide variety of flexible products, materials, dimensions and options to choose from. For those seeking a modern scheme for their bathroom, the brand’s FUZION collection – defined by its metallic accents in matte black or white – is an ideal style choice for light and contemporary spaces.

Like all Vanico-Maronyx products, customers have the freedom to choose their selection of style, material and colour from the brand’s expansive inventory [featuring more than 80 finishes] to achieve a personalized vanity that suits their specific needs.


While the FUZION collection includes a legged option as well, the suspended version is elevated from the floor, enhancing its bespoke appearance for a truly spectacular look. Pictured above, Grey Ash Wood vanity drawers pair beautifully with a Tramontana quartz countertop. Along the bottom niche, a white metallic frame offers timeless appeal and a convenient open storage solution. The FUZION’s size variety, including single and double vanity options, makes the product a suitable fit for spaces large and small.

Beyond these features, customers can also choose their preferred mirror, sink, backsplash and hardware to enhance the FUZION’s tailor-made appeal. Whether designing a new bathroom or making over the one you already have, the FUZION is a perfect fit for modern design lovers who seek a bathroom that is as timeless as it is functional. VANICO-MARONYX.COM.

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