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Valor’s LT2 Gas Fireplace

LT2 Gas Fireplace

This energy-efficient console aims to enhance your home’s comfort and ambiance

By Designlines in partnership with Valor Fireplaces

Who doesn’t like a warm and inviting living space? Like many homeowners, Valor understands the value of a home that equally balances style and comfort. The West Coast fireplace manufacturer recently launched the LT2 direct vent gas fireplace in an effort to provide just that. Seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with a clean aesthetic, the LT2 redefines the very essence of modern design and modern living.


Engineered to enhance the flames throughout the fireplace, this product utilizes Valor’s V-Class burner technology and high-definition, realistic log sets. Customers can choose between birch, driftwood, and splitwood logs, or have the option to include glass or rock media. As one-of-a-kind furnishings continue to trend in the world of design, this variety of customization enables homeowners to introduce an element of timeless charm without compromising their unique design style.

Additionally, at the heart of the LT2 gas fireplace lies a commitment to setting new standards in energy efficiency. Valor’s unique HeatShift™ system transfers convective heat upwards through hidden ducts and directs it back into the room, completely bypassing walls and surface areas around the fireplace. By leveraging the power of gravity to elevate heat naturally, there’s no need to use a main power source or a fan. This results in a fireplace that not only enlivens your living space but does so with an unprecedented level of efficiency and sophistication.

Valor Fireplaces, LT2

Valor’s V-Class burner technology and realistic log sets create a mesmerizing flame display, offering not just warmth but an enchanting visual experience. Offering two front options—the sleek 2730CIK clean install kit or the stylish 2775LFB that covers rough wall edges, this fireplace becomes a captivating focal point that captures attention and elevates the overall functionality of your living space.

Ready to redefine the ambiance of your home? Immerse yourself in the epitome of style, technology, and unmatched warmth with the Valor LT2 gas fireplace. VALORFIREPLACES.COM

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