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Castor Design

Ask Ryan Taylor of Castor Design for his firm’s mandate and he’ll quote Baudelaire: “You gave me your mud and I have turned it to gold.” Taylor, Kei Ng and Brian Richer definitely cherish their Canadian roots, an aesthetic that comes out in such projects as their portable sauna box built inside a shipping container, and headphones that come with deer antlers attached. Their work combines stone carving, woodworking and welding skills with a keen eye for creating “uncommon objects.” Case in point: their newly launched Blind Stool is an aluminum casting of a dilapidated stool found in a duck blind in northern Ontario. There’s also the guitarpedal-inspired This Is Not a F**king Droog Light – a light made up of 12-volt truck lights connected by thick spiral cords that plug in through guitar jacks. While Castor’s custom work is usually reserved for larger scale interior projects, they will modify their existing products to suit your ideal specs.


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Castor Design

70 Wade Ave
Unit A
Toronto, ON M6H 1P6


416 994 1232