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Annex Industries Canada

Architectural Design, Annex Industries
By Designlines

Annex Industries offers a comprehensive turnkey solution for architectural and design projects, providing an all-in-one service from conception to completion. The North York studio’s streamlined process ensures seamless integration of your design vision into reality, with meticulous attention to detail and efficient cost management.

Annex Industries, Toronto Canada

As off-site fabricators, Annex Industries maintains a meticulous level of precision and quality control, ensuring that every element is fully reviewed and approved by you before installation. This approach eliminates the unexpected and ensures that every element of the project is perfectly coordinated with other site trades. Additionally, it provides a simple solution for your architectural and design needs, including architectural fitting, prototyping and more, delivering seamless execution and unparalleled quality, all while maintaining complete control over every aspect of the project.

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Annex Industries

34 Westchester Road.
Toronto, ON
M6M 2S5


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