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A Must-Watch Talk For Every Day of the Interior Design Show

Interior Design Show

For 2021, IDS is unpacking what sustainable, forward-thinking design really means

By Gregory Furgala

The Interior Design Show is back (virtually) for 2021, bringing together designers, thinkers and industry leaders from Toronto and around the world for four days of panel discussions and speaking sessions, starting on May 10. This year’s theme, sustainability and designing for the future, will see speakers hone in on responsible, resilient and progressive design, realizing a shift in the industry toward being an agent for positive change, which – as it turns out – is not mutually exclusive with the wants of style.

Officially, DL recommends tuning in to each and every session (even the concurrent ones – you have a second monitor, right?), but unofficially, we understand if other responsibilities get in the way of a four-day design binge. With that in mind, we’ve selected one can’t-miss talk from each day that we’re especially eager to see and that we think DL readers ought to tune in to, as well.

Interior Design Show
Photo courtesy of IDS.

Bringing Living Design to Life

9 a.m., Monday, May 10

Biophilia? Material health? Embodied carbon reduction? Sustainable architecture and design is a huge topic, and understanding what, exactly, it entails and how it can be integrated into your own project can be difficult. If you’re looking for a way to understand sustainable design, consider checking out this talk, featuring Perkins & Will sustainability advisors Zeina Elali and Diana Smiciklas, to learn just what these strategies are, and how you can employ them in your next project.

Interior Design Show
Photo courtesy of IDS.

The Future of Kitchen Design with Sustainability in Mind

9 a.m., Tuesday, May 11

It wasn’t that long ago that the kitchen was a utilitarian space, walled-off and out of the way. As our habits have changed, it’s become the social hub of the home, where family and – in better times – guests congregate to catch up and converse. There’s more to a modern kitchen than just an island, though. This session will walk you through what to expect next, and the design plans, products and materials to keep in mind as you build out your own sustainable kitchen.

Courtesy of Savaria.

Aging in Place: Products and Solutions for Residential Ageless Design

1 p.m. Wednesday, May 12

Not to be a bummer, but we’re all getting older. And as we age – or as we bring together children, parents and grandparents into multi-generational households – our homes have to change, too. This session will walk you through the savvy design and new technology, like home elevators and touchless fixtures, that accommodates the wants and needs of growing older – and without sacrificing on style.

Photo courtesy of IDS.

The Kitchen Water Hub: Beyond the Sink and Faucet

1 p.m., Thursday, May 13

IDS21 has everything – even the kitchen sink. A key part of any kitchen reno, this seminar introduces some of key considerations for planning a perfect kitchen water hub, and will walk attendees through the newest materials and methods for making it work in your own home.

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