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Chocolat de Kat Gets Spooky with Artful Halloween Goodies

Treat your Halloween candy stockpile to the craftsmanship of local chocolatier Kata Ambrus.

By Designlines
Photography by Danika Zandboer

If they weren’t so delicious, Kata Ambrus’ hand-crafted bonbons would be nearly too beautiful to eat. The artisan chocolatier quickly became one of Toronto’s favourite makers after launching Chocolat de Kat in 2018; captivating chocolate lovers with her edible art.

The art historian turned chocolate mastermind, who scaled-up her workshop to a larger space in St. Clair West Village last year, has a new line of sweet treats just in time for spooky season—and they’re everything you could ask for.

halloweenie collection by chocolat de kat
Bold pigments and creature-like designs turn the flavour-packed bonbons into vivid works of art.

Chocolat de Kat’s Halloweenie collection features ten unique flavours with ingredients ranging from Pumpkin Spice to Cookie Monster (a popular pick stuffed with caramelized white chocolate “cookie dough” ganache).

bloody mary and cookie monster bonbons
The Bloody Mary bonbon is a twist on the classic bevvie (left); and the Cookie Monster mixes “cookie dough” ganache with crunchy cocoa nibs (right).

Flavours like the Snickers Ghostie and RIP (rest in [Reece’s] pieces) are inspired by Halloween candy classics familiar to trick-or-treaters. Meanwhile, the cocktail-inspired Bloody Mary and Sour Eyeball are drawn from eccentric tastes and thinking outside the chocolate box.

High quality ingredients like vibrant fruit purées and farm fresh dairy make these bite-sized bonbons melt in your mouth. But what makes these small-batch chocolates most special are their creative and detailed designs. Hand-painted with coloured cocoa butter by Ambrus and her growing Chocolat de Kat team, each piece is truly a work of art. Whether you choose to gift these adorable treats or snack on them while you curl up for a scary movie night in, they are a must for this year’s Halloween celebrations.

Though Chocolat de Kat ships its specialty bonbons across North America, Toronto locals can pick up a box of 4 ($12), 9 ($27) or 25 ($72) pieces (while quantities last) at the St. Clair West Avenue storefront the chocolatier shares with café and roastery De Mello Coffee. CHOCOLATDEKAT.COM

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