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Meet the Vintage Furniture Curators Behind Shoppe Clover

Owners Larisa Mancini and Trevon Pfeiffer share the ins and outs of building a unique and reputable showroom in the city

By Joseph Cicerone

Shoppe Clover, a haven for vintage furniture enthusiasts, was born from a shared passion between its founders, Larisa Mancini and Trevon Pfeiffer. The partners in life – and now work – launched the brand in 2021. Between their showroom just north of the Junction and Shoppe Clover’s popular Instagram page, the duo collect and curate a unique selection of antique and second-hand furniture that showcase their distinctive taste and love for high-quality design. In conversation with Designlines, they delve into the heart of the brand, including its evolving inventory, sustainable practices, and vision for the future.

Can you share how Shoppe Clover came into existence and what inspired the idea behind curating a collection of vintage furniture?

The two of us were moving into our first apartment together and shared a love for antique and second-hand furniture. We sourced several pieces for our new home and continued to find more and more amazing vintage furniture during our search. So much so, that the idea sparked in us to share these finds with the world. We began curating a collection of vintage furniture, had our brand designed and shared it online with an overwhelmingly positive response. 

What sets Shoppe Clover apart from other home furnishings brands?

We’d like to say that no two items in our shop are exactly the same. The beauty of visiting Shoppe Clover is to be inspired by the unique and wide offerings that are fine-tuned and curated to our own personal style. In many ways, our furniture selection is an extension of our own home, if we could have more than one dining table of course. What sets us apart from other home furnishing brands would be our timeless, yet edgy approach to stonewear. There’s something beautiful about the simplicity of certain pieces that is just as exciting as a piece more intricate and detailed. Not only will you find classic stone pieces in popular materials like travertine, but you will also see us carry items made from Verde Luana marble, Onyx, Nero Marquina, Norwegian Rose and more. 

Stoneware Vintage Furniture

Can you share a bit more about your inventory and the types of products you carry/seek out? 

When people think of Shoppe Clover, their minds often go to our marble and stoneware tables. Alongside this, our selection ranges from sofas, chairs, accent furniture, lighting, art and decor. We release new items weekly, and in that we look to have an offering in each category. Of course with vintage, you never know what you’ll find next, so our product drops always look unique.

How do you approach the process of refurbishing and refinishing vintage furniture to ensure its full potential?

Like all vintage furniture, there is charm in the imperfections and signs of loved wear that help to tell its story. There is, however, a fine line between vintage charm and a piece in need of restoration. We refurbish each piece on a case by case basis, ensuring we don’t remove any of that vintage charm, while enhancing the natural beauty of the materials and making sure each piece is perfectly imperfect. We do our stone restorations in-house which includes full marble refinishing and polishing and structural repairs. We have a roster of skilled professionals for certain jobs in restoration, reupholstery and recaning.

Shoppe Clover Seating, Furniture

Could you elaborate on how purchasing vintage furniture is sustainable and aligns with conscious consumerism?

When purchasing vintage furniture, you are keeping many of these pieces out of landfill while making a conscious choice to shop sustainably. The pieces we sell are thoughtfully restored and often made with materials that are meant to last. Not only are you extending the life span of a piece of furniture, it can continue to be passed down through generations. I guess you could say “they don’t make things like they used to” rings true for quality-made vintage furniture. When looking into custom-made pieces, our values hold true by using refurbished and recycled materials or by supporting fair and quality made products.

How does Toronto influence the selection and curation of furniture pieces at Shoppe Clover?

In Toronto, you’ll find a mix of old Victorian homes, condos, lofts and spaces with unique layouts in need of modern solutions. In all of these scenarios, you’re either looking to add charm and individuality to a new condo or to honour the features of an older home. Vintage furniture provides just that. Toronto is a vibrant city where people seek to express their personal styles; their homes being another outlet for their personality. That is why we look to source eye-catching and unique vintage pieces that serve as a piece of art for your homes. The selection, as well, tends to come from Estates in and outside of the city. The best finds are often out of the downtown core, and we’re looking to bring that charm into Toronto homes.

Shoppe Clover

Are there any current products/styles you’re especially drawn to? 

We are always drawn to curvature, whether that be an organic-shaped tabletop, cantilevered chairs or the ebbs and flows found in marble veining. We are always drawn to two of our most coveted items in our shop, which are our Angelo Mangiarotti-inspired Eros console table and travertine dining table. They are prime examples of how curvature in design is a timeless trend. 

Looking ahead, what exciting plans does Shoppe Clover have in store for the future, and how do you envision the brand evolving in the coming years?

We are very excited to be leaning back into manufacturing custom pieces in the near future. Keep an eye peeled for some exciting launches in the coming months. For example, we have an exciting product launch in the works aimed for the holiday season that features a custom line of marble and stone décor. Our collection will include a marble vase/wine chiller, travertine tray and sculptural tapered candle holders. Alongside these ventures, we are opening our showroom space up for event rentals and brand photoshoots. In the coming years, we dream of having a larger line of custom furniture and decor to support our well-loved vintage selection of furniture. SHOPPECLOVER.CA

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