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Bonne Choice Is Etobicoke’s Eclectic New Showroom

Bonne Choice

From design consultant and Drake General Store co-founder Carlo Colacci, Bonne Choice specializes in the procurement of rare vintage and contemporary furniture and objects

By Joseph Cicerone
Photography by John Watts

If you’ve visited Toronto’s iconic Drake Hotel, or its new Modern Wing, you’re likely familiar with the work of Carlo Colacci. For more than a decade, he’s been the hotel’s design consultant and co-founder of the subsequent Drake General Store—curating the brand’s iconic “retro cool” aesthetic. Today, his passion for vintage furniture acquisition is evolving in the form of a 4,000-square-foot showroom in Etobicoke called Bonne Choice.

“The concept has been percolating for the last several years,” says Colacci. “As a designer, I’ve often found it difficult to find distinctive vintage pieces for my projects, so I started sourcing items internationally and collecting them for future projects. It occurred to me that if I’m looking outside of Canada to find the quality of vintage items I want, then other designers are probably doing the same. I realized there needed to be a Canadian dealer to bridge this gap between the local design community and international marketplace.”

Bonne Choice, Toronto

Bonne Choice houses an eclectic offering of curated, authenticated, contemporary and vintage items from more than 100 global brands and designers. From furniture and lighting to rugs and original art, the new showroom is a visual embodiment of design’s circular nature, where the lines between old and new are blurred to create a collected aesthetic. Think ultra sleek Audo Copenhagen lanterns paired next to a plush-pink vintage Vico Magistretti sofa.

Toronto Design, retro fitted

In conjunction with Bonne Choice’s showroom opening on June 16, an online storefront has also been launched to connect the concept to shoppers across North America and, soon, the globe. “Considering The Drake General store’s evolution to primarily being an e-commerce brand, it was important for us to set up Bonne Choice for success in a market that thrives on the efficiency and accessibility of online shopping,” says Colacci. “With that being said, from an experiential standpoint, a brick-and-mortar location can’t be beat, and was equally as vital in my vision for Bonne Choice; I knew right away I wanted to have both.”

At its core, Bonne Choice is positioned to be a “design dealer” for Toronto’s growing design community. “Our aim is to not only share our assortment but also build relationships with the general public and interior designers in Toronto so that we can collectively create an amazing network with dealers and brands all over the world,” Colacci adds. “By establishing the physical showroom, we hope that Bonne Choice can become a destination not only for locals but for visitors to Toronto, and a contribution to the community as a whole.”

Contemporary Design, Bonne Choice

The showroom’s bold, colourful and textured pieces come primarily from Europe, as well as Canada, the United States and parts of South America. Among the many noteworthy names, items from Corsi Design, Menu, Sophie Lou Jacobsen and Dietiker line shelves throughout the expansive space.

Ninth Editions
wields-hammer (for building and destroying), 2023 by Luke Van H

Works courtesy of Ninth Editions, Bonne Choice’s official art partner, are available to shop both online and in-store. For the Toronto-based online art retailer, this is the first time that pieces from its collection are available for in-person shopping, advancing its mission to provide greater access to affordably priced art from up-and-coming Canadian artists.

Bonne Choice Showroom, Toronto

Beyond Bonne Choice’s sourcing of furniture and design accessories, the team also offers comprehensive service packages including design consultation, importing, reupholstery, installation and more. For designers, homeowners and commercial developers alike, the lively showroom is more than a shopping destination but also an outlet that promises to elevate the city’s definitive style with its impeccably curated selection. BONNE-CHOICE.COM

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