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5 Must-See Movies for Design Lovers at TIFF 2018 – with Trailers

TIFF 2018

These are the five films we can’t wait to see at the annual film fête

By Designlines

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6 – 16. Click “Read more” below your favourite trailer for showtimes and more information.


We can’t resist this visual feast set in 80s Mexico. Directed by Alejandra Márquez Abella, it follows a well-to-do socialite on the verge of losing everything during an economic crash. The meticulous decor, clothes and setting brings home what’s at stake for the lead character.

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Edward Burtynsky’s AGO exhibition coincides with the release of this documentary, which uses breathtaking imagery to shake audiences out of their complacency about the environment. A must-see for literally everyone.

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This year’s Wavelengths programming of experimental films focuses on architecture: although not necessarily in the context we’re used to.  For example, in Walled Unwalled, artist and self-described “private ear” Lawrence Abu Hamdan questions whether built walls have any meaning in a world of near constant digital surveillance.

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 Toronto Shorts: 

The first short film from Canadian director Aaron Ries is the perfect goodbye to long summer days seen through the eyes of a young woman living with her grandpa, or Dziadzio in Polish. From the trailer, expect to see familiar shots of suburban strip malls and parking lots overlaid with the granddaughter’s imagination.

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The short film 7A shows a woman in an apartment unit disturbed first by a knock on the door, and then by billowing pink smoke. Directed by Zachary Russell, the movie promises to be an intriguing entry into one of our favourite genres — the one room drama. We love interiors, okay?

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