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5 Suspension Lights Beyond Belief

Cosmos Cluster Pendants

Pendants so spectacular you’ll swear they were heaven-sent

By Tory Healy

Yanzi Pendant by Artemide

1 Bird on a Wire
Designers Neri&Hu rendered their poetic interpretation of swallows taking flight in brass with feather-weight glass heads. The loosely caged bird is enclosed in a crystal cloche. Yanzi Pendant by Artemide, $2135 at Kiosk.

Cosmos Pendant Lights from Vibia

2 Star System
Flattened polycarbonate forms of varying sizes, with integrated LED fixtures, create an illusion of a not-so-far-away galaxy. Available in a variety of configurations and matte colour finishes. By Vibia, from $3590, at Casa di Luce.

Phenomena Pendants by Bomma

3 Basic Instinct
Ephemeral but solid, fragile yet strong, this collection of glass circles, triangles and rectangles from Dechem Studio plays on Plato’s philosophy of appearances and perfect forms. Phenomena by Bomma, from $4300, at Eurolite.

Capsula by Brokis

4 Inside Job
The nucleus of this seed-shaped pendant is a tubular glass LED light source that transects the inner and outer shells. The overlapping components create a dramatic 3D optical effect. Capsula by Brokis, from $2200, at Dark Tools.

Kazimir by Roll & Hill

5 Cool Calculation
This three-piece pendant is a glass, steel and aluminum (and aircraft cable) homage to 20th century Russian painter Kazimir Malevich, a pioneer of abstract geometric art. Kazimir by Roll & Hill, $12,420, at Hollace Cluny.

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