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7 of Our Favourite Pieces from Crate and Barrel’s Spring Collection

From tactile furniture to whimsical wall decor, this collection makes us feel warm inside

By Elena Senechal-Becker

With all the time we’re spending inside these days (a pandemic and a winter season make a killer combo), a functional, yet beautiful living space has never been more important. And since new design tends to put a smile on our faces here at DL – it is, after all, kind of our thing – we compiled a list featuring a few of our favourite picks from Crate and Barrel‘s spring releases, with a selection for kids and adults alike. Take a look at our favourites below:

Crate and Barrel spring collection

Atticus Desk & Hutch

Perfectly sized for a young designer in training, the Atticus desk and hutch set’s pegboard is reminiscent of a tool shed, while sleek wooden inserts add a playful vibe. Functional features, including an attached power supply to easily charge electronics, while storage for pens, notebooks and knick-knacks make this set ideal for learning from home. Available in white and black. Desk, $549; Hutch, $399.

Crate and Barrel spring collection

Curious Animal Heads

For those who didn’t get a puppy or kitten from Santa, these cute wool and cotton felt animal heads might provide some solace. A lineup includes a llama, bunny, narwhal, toucan and octopus, each popping their embroidered heads out to say hello. Just hang them above a bed or in any room in need of a bit of childhood wonder. $79 each.

Crate and Barrel spring collection

Snoozer Glider & Ottoman

Designer Leanne Ford created this elegant-yet-inviting glider and ottoman to serve as the ideal nursery chair. Plus, the latter doubles as storage for all those blankets you have no space for. Available in charcoal-hued denim and cream-coloured bouclé. Chair, $1,499; Ottoman, $599.

Crate and Barrel spring collection

Louna Plush Sofa

This lavish sofa, inspired by 1930s tailoring, is flush with jazz era detailing, including soft pleats and a curved silhouette, while a continuous welt running its entire length accentuates its cushy look. Custom fabrics and colours available. From $3,800.

Belford Dark Blue Flatware Set

Made of stainless steel with a blue ceramic coating, this navy flatware set is a colourful, minimalist riff on au courant matte black cutlery. Consider it for your first post-pandemic dinner party. Until then, nobody will blame you for treating yourself. Five-piece set, $90.

Crate and Barrel spring collection

Althea Wicker Pendant Light

The Althea pendant takes wicker to new heights (pun intended). Woven rattan, used for ages in everything from furniture to musical instruments, provides a familiar warmth and texture to any room, while its parabolic lines injects an unmistakable contemporary element. $600.

Crate and Barrel spring collection

Statuer End Table

The Statuer end table’s geometric silhouette pays homage to the playful forms pioneered by the Memphis Group in the 1980s. But rather than use the bright primary colours typical of the iconoclast collective, Crate and Barrel opted for a muted shade, balancing the idiosyncrasy with versatility. $749.

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