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A Sneak Peek at Muskoka’s New Highly Anticipated Cabin Retreat

Arcana Preview, Muskoka

Architecture firm Leckie Studio conceptualized the design for the series of mirror-clad cabin rentals two hours north of the city.

By Joseph Cicerone
Photography by Scott Norsworthy

Every year, city dwellers flock to the windswept pines and freshwater shores of Muskoka to take in the region’s natural splendour. Here, traditional Canadian cottage architecture reigns. But beginning in 2024, a modern and design-forward concept will bring a new generation of nature lovers to the pristine cottage country where they will experience the power of the outdoors against a backdrop that is both innovative and uncomplicated by design. From Vancouver-based Leckie Studio, Arcana is an upcoming retreat boasting 23 architecturally striking cabins set along more than 3,000 feet of waterfront.

Arcana Cabin Interiors

Built by Hummingbird Hill Homes and Studio Morro, the cabins feature luxury amenities including all-oak interiors, fully-equipped bathrooms, intentionally-placed wifi access, plus heated floors and air conditioning for year-round comfort. Not to mention high-concept architecture and interior design. Mirrored stainless steel exteriors make the dwellings appear nearly invisible from the outside, fully encapsulating the natural landscape of lush forestry. With that in mind, a pattern of plus signs — anti-collision window markers by Feather Friendly— adorn the cabins’ stainless steel exteriors to protect wildlife.

Toronto vacation spots

Guests at Arcana can take in their surroundings through large custom-built windows, and fall asleep enveloped in vistas of unobstructed terrain. “After several years of field-testing prototype cabins and immersive nature-based wellness programs, we are excited to see the launch of the full arcana vision in Muskoka,” says principal architect Michael Leckie. “The cabins are designed to maximize guest comfort while embracing the brand’s ethos of wellness through connection with nature. The Arcana team has placed design and guest experience at the forefront of the project, and Leckie Studio is so excited to be a brand partner.”

A limited number of properties come with private wood-burning hot tubs courtesy of Goodland, while all have access to a lakefront hydrotherapy circuit featuring a sauna, cold plunge, sun deck and outdoor fire pit

Arcana Hot Tub

Arcana’s concept is designed not as an escape, but a return to rediscover one’s true self by way of “self-guided well-being programming that induces a state of grounding, exploration, and restoration.” If you’re seeking a unique Northern getaway or if the traditional cottage is simply not your style, Arcana offers an experience driven by modern design principles and a desire to awaken each of the five senses in an effort to connect with nature in a new and heightened way.

Cabin Architecture, Muskoka Canada

With more details expected soon, confirmed provisions promise an exceptional food and drink experience. Anticipated features include meals courtesy of Pearl Morissette and Cheese Boutique, plus a specially curated bottle bar from Toronto’s very own Robin Goodfellow and Grape Witches. An opening date for Arcana has not been confirmed, however, booking is now open for the Summer 2024 season. FINDARCANA.COM.

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