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More is More: 8 Bold Tile Designs That Don’t Hold Back

bold tile designs

These tiles pack in pattern, colour and texture

By Gregory Furgala

In an era of Japandi minimalism and spare farmhouse style, it can be easy to overlook the potential for vivid colour and intricate patterning that bold tile design can bring to a space. It’s our loss, because with swathes of colour and sculptural assemblies of stonework, tile design is as lively and inviting as ever. Read on to see some of our latest favourites.

bold tile designs

Celes-tile Body

Amid the starbursts of Calacatta Oro marble in the Étoile pattern of Mosaïque Surface’s Rêve d’Orient collection, mirrored steel accents pick up movement and reflect ambient light. Taken together, they shine. Available at Surfaces and Co.

bold tile designs


With bright, psychedelic hues of blue, purple and orange contrasting a recurring triangular motif, the large-format ceramic slabs of Florim’s Araldica collection feel like marble on an acid trip. Available at Centura Tile.

bold tile designs

Just Vibes

When laid next to one another, the seaside, floral and avian motifs adorning Cevica’s hexagonal Good Vibes collection resemble a cozy quilt – just the thing to blanket a bathroom. Available at TilesInspired.

It’s Not Delivery

Forty-one elements and patterns, from simple stripes to stylized florals, make up Mutina’s Mattonelle Margherita collection. Just imagine the creativity of topping pizzas, only in porcelain. From $18.40/sq ft, at Stone Tile.

Old as You Feel

The material in Lithea’s 18-tile Maioliche di Pietra collection – volcanic stone mined from the foot of Mount Etna – may be ancient, but each individual bas relief feels like pure geometric modernism. From $326/sq ft, at ItalDESIGN.

Flower Power

Should you need a little calm, consider 41zero42’s PaperLuxe collection, particularly the Louis pattern. The play of light and shadow recalls light refracting through the ripples of a pond, complete with a scattering of daisies. Available SS Tile and Stone.

Great Hex-pectations

Available in multiple patterns and colours, Lili’s encaustic Mini Hexagon collection brings a bevy of colour and pattern to any setting. Whether you mix or match, you’ll end up with a striking surface. At Cesario & Co.

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