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Calico Wallpaper Introduces Two Bespoke Collections With Colin King

Colin King, Calico Wallpaper

Titled Nuance and Perception, the collections embraces the beauty of patina and past generations

By Designlines

Calico Wallpaper selected Milan Design Week as the setting to unveil its latest inspired wallcoverings. In partnership with interior designer Colin King, Nuance and Perception delve into the intricate layers of the past, revealing a harmonious blend of history and contemporary aesthetics. Two unique collections, they both emulate the craftsmanship Calico has become known for, as well as the trendsetting style King’s work has become synonymous with.

Calico Wallpaper, Toronto
Perception in Granulate colourway. Photography courtesy of Calico Wallpaper.

King, who frequently references the past, looked to generations of colour that span centuries, evoking patterns and texture for influence. In Perception, each piece exemplifies the weathered charm of past epochs, rooted in a muted but grounded palate borrowed from yesterday while remaining present.

“I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of patina, the transformation that unfolds as objects age and decay. It’s as if objects reveal their inner truth. It’s a unique quality seen in works of art and architecture affected by the passage of time,” says King on the collection. “The untouched and unrestored have a character and warmth, an effect that feels deliberately incomplete—magnificently imperfect. At the heart of it all are subtleties and nuances that bring depth and richness to the design.”

Colin King, Designlines
Nuance in Resurface colourway. Photography courtesy of Calico Wallpaper.

Both of the Colin King wallpaper collections feature eight colourways. As with all Calico Wallpaper collections, both Nuance and Perception were born from original artwork. The brand employs advanced technologies to translate the designs to be utilized for their new ordering system, Panorama. A streamlined process that maintains the custom nature that the brand is known for.

Colin King Wallpaper Collection, Designlines
The Colin King wallpaper collection can be purchased directly from Calico Wallpaper, or through local dealers, including NewWall. Photography courtesy of Calico Wallpaper.

In line with today’s trend of curated loft aesthetics, the collection with one of the design style’s most prominent names speaks to the universal desire to shape our surroundings. Through a thoughtful selection of motifs and colours, each piece in Calico’s Colin King wallpaper collaboration offers an expression of pure emotion — one that, like art itself, might read differently to each of us.

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