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hollis+morris Upgrade Toronto Workshop and Showroom

hollis+morris showroom

The lighting and furniture design studio is marking its next chapter with an expansive new studio

By Designlines

Expanding its footprint at 501 Alliance Avenue, hollis+morris has kicked off its 10th year in business with a new and sprawling studio. “This is a year of celebration, marked by a new space we can be proud of,” says managing director Adrianne Straatsma. Measuring at 14,000 square feet, the studio features seven unique zones where furniture and lighting pieces are designed, prototyped, and manufactured on-site. In addition to its visibly enhanced workshop, the space notably houses the studio’s first public showroom—inviting shoppers to interact with classic and new designs in a new way.

Showroom Floor
Signature lighting designs illuminate the showroom floor and distinguish the space for passersby.

In the showroom, its latest designs are on display for public viewing, and make n engaging setting for launch parties and community gatherings. With this, comes an opportunity to present new work to the masses. “We’re excited to show off the new space and our new material explorations, including the upholstered collection,” Straatsma says. “We have dabbled in fixed upholstery add-ons to our current furniture collections, but now we’re jumping in with both feet.”

On the second floor, which overlooks the main floor, breakout rooms over semi-private space for meetings.

The upholstered collections in the hollis+morris showroom adds a touch of comfort and luxury to hollis+morris’s signature sleek and modern aesthetic. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each piece seamlessly integrates plush fabrics and sumptuous padding without compromising on the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability. From cozy armchairs to inviting sofas, the new additions cater to diverse tastes and lifestyles, promising both style and craftsmanship. Straatsma believes that this expansion into upholstery not only broadens their product range but also deepens their connection with customers, offering them more opportunities to engage with hollis+morris’s design ethos firsthand.

As the brand dives headfirst into this new stage, the hollis+morris showroom stands as a testament to the design studio’s dedication to craft, innovation, and a decade of design excellence. HOLLISANDMORRIS.COM

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