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Prototype: Jeremy Joo’s Venture Into Lighting Design

Aesop x Jeremy Joo

The floor and table lamps echo the designer’s architectural style

By Joseph Cicerone
Photography by Gennelle Cruz

Spirited by the proportions and forms within Asia and Africa, Jeremy Joo’s work draws from the common cultures of floor seating, communal dining, ceremony and sharing. As the mind behind local design studio JDH Projects, Joo translates this distinct design language into furniture, objects, spaces, and now, lighting that strikes a balance between minimalist and complex.

Years in the making, the duo of table and floor lamp prototypes affirms the artist’s signature style, yet contribute an entirely new element to his studio’s catalogue. While paralleling the platform-like features of JDH Projects’ Incense Burner and Side Stool, the lamps reveal the studio’s experimentation with new textures and materials.

Jeremy Joo Lighting
The Floor and Table Lamps feature the confluence of three domestic hardwoods: black cherry, white oak, and black walnut, in addition to glass and a cylindrical paper lampshade. Their sleek and linear forms make the Jeremy Joo lighting a quintessential addition to the designer’s roster of work. 

“Glass and paper are made from sand and wood, which feel like natural extensions of the materials used by the studio,” Joo says. The lamps also feature a unique scale and weight that complement Joo’s previously made furniture. When complete, the prototypes will be featured at this year’s DesignTO Festival in a public installation at Aesop from January 19 to the 28.

Jeremy Joo Lighting Design, Aesop Exhibit
The Jeremy Joo lighting prototypes were a natural fit for Aesop Queen Street’s gentle and warm, minimalist interiors.

With a deep history of material and storytelling, the brand’s cozy Queen Street West outpost seems like a natural setting for Joo’s work, highlighting not only the beauty of the designs’ style and structure, but the inspired process driving their final state. “Isamu Noguchi’s Akari Lamps have always been a huge inspiration,” Joo says. “Lighting is an often neglected part of a space, but can bring immense change in atmosphere and mood. Donald Judd said in an essay that ‘It’s hard to find a good lamp,’ and I guess I took that to heart.”

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