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Thom Fougere Showcases New Works at Mjölk

Thom Fougere, Mjolk 2024

Fresh from its DesignTO debut, two new pieces by the designer echoes his sophisticated outlook on home decor

By Joseph Cicerone

Synchronizing with the timely buzz of DesignTO, renowned industrial designer Thom Fougere has unveiled a beautiful duo of new products for Mjölk. “This collection feels like an occasion to reflect on the work and collaboration I’ve been building with Mjölk since 2015,” says Fougere. “Through the years, we’ve curated a collection of designs we feel are quietly innovative and honestly built.”

Along with the Nassa Vase by Italian designer Luca Nichetto, Fougere’s prototypes debuted during the festival’s near two-week run in January, hinting at a later release available to shop in-store. Though, beyond the allure of adding either of these pieces to your home decor collection, each piece holds its weight as a work of art to be admired.

Thom Fougere

The Mjölk Arm Sofa and Wall Light both emulate a refined approach to form and use of material akin to Fougere’s esteemed portfolio. The Arm Sofa, in particular, focuses on reduced lines, with its archetypal composition embracing the enduring appeal of classic, honest silhouettes. The design pulls from Fougere’s traditional sofa to define its essential elements: a solid wood frame for support, combined with a blend of webbing, foam, and down for comfort.

Mjolk Wall Lamp
The Mjölk Wall Light’s handcrafted fiberglass shade emits a soft ambient glow while delivering directed lighting beneath.

Thom Fougere’s Wall Light cleverly draws inspiration from the mechanical design of a record player’s tonearm counterbalance. Crafted from solid brass, the convenient and articulating arm can be adjusted to meet interior lighting requirements virtually anywhere within your space.

Thom Fougere Sofa
The Mjölk Arm Sofa distills the traditional sofa down to its essential elements: a solid wood frame for support, combined with a blend of webbing, foam, and down for comfort.

Beyond all else, the designer’s latest works stand as a testament to his refined sense of style, seamlessly blending minimalist design with statement-making form in both meticulously crafted pieces. With a commitment to timeless elegance, Fougere’s creations epitomize his knack for harmoniously balancing of beauty and utility. THOMFOUGERE.COM

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