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The Latest in Lighting

Latest In Lighting, Designlines Magazine

These trend-setting designs promise enlightened living

By Joseph Cicerone

Lighting has transcended its utilitarian roots to become a captivating form of contemporary expression, where designers push the boundaries of creativity while delivering innovative solutions to illuminate our spaces. In this roundup, we explore some of the latest lighting to catch our attention. From minimalist elegance to avant-garde extravagance, these trend-setting designs captivate with their unique forms and ability to transform the ambiance of any room.

Latest in Lighting

NomNom Light, Odin Visser for Moooi

This angular suspension light is the perfect example of the art of omission while remaining distinctive. Two straight lines and a sphere create the illusion of two chopsticks holding something delicious. As a stand-alone, there’s no way around NomNom’s playful elegance, but when multiplied in a bundle or in a row, it’s simply irresistible. Pricing upon request, M-Prove.

Latest in Lighting, 2023

Wick Portable Lamp, Graypants

Amsterdam and Seattle-based design studio Graypants have combined the romance of a candle with the utility of a flashlight in the Wick portable lamp. Wick adapts to and fits a broad variety of contexts, from an intimate home to a bustling restaurant patio, to a warm office kitchen. In its golden brass finish, this classic design proves that the latest in lighting should always employ an element of timelessness. $192, Mkt.

2023 Latest in Lighting

Plusminus, DIEZ OFFICE for Vibia

This versatile lighting system takes the concept of the light rail to a whole new level. Using a conductive textile ribbon and a variety of lamps that can be positioned anywhere on it, unique lighting configurations can be created. This design-forward lighting system unites the concept of a pendant, sconce and floor light because the various elements of Plusminus can be adjusted, attached or removed as required. Pricing upon request, AM Studio.

Aromas Del Campo

Bora Portable Lamp, AC Studio for Aromas Del Campo

The latest in lighting includes a celebration of mixed materials — in the case of the Bora portable lamp, that means matte steel or ceramic in earthy hues paired with translucent glass and a leather handle. This collaborative design between AC Studio and Aromas Del Campo features a moody dimmable feature and portability for use indoors and out. $1,195, Casa di Luce.

Modern Lighting Designs

Skynest Suspension Pendant, Marcel Wanders for Flos

What greater symbol to represent home than the bird’s nest? This future-proof lighting design combines luminous and dark elements arranged into a network of core structures covered with a colourful tubular mesh. Every luminous element is powered by micro-connectors located at the top of the dome and is covered with a two-tone mesh, allowing for optimal light emission. As a sustainable side note, the Skynest is assembled without glue, so it can be fully separated to be recycled in the future and in case of any repairs or replacements. $4,345, Flos.

Glub Lamp

Glub Portable Lamp, Anony

Carry it, place it on a tabletop or hang it as a pendant, the Glub lamp is a versatile lighting solution with a clean and minimalist design. Made of a soft, frosted silicone, this light can be used indoors or out. It’s also water-resistant, battery-powered, and dimmable. $120, EQ3.

In Common With

Gemma Table Lamp, In Common With

A handmade table lamp that pairs a graceful silhouette with eye-catching embellishment. Gemma’s shades are made using a modern variation on a centuries-old practice, which involves applying handmade glass details — in this case, marble-like dots — to blown-glass surfaces. Pricing upon request, Hollace Cluny.

Audo COpenhagen

Cast Sconce, Thomas Chung & Jordan Murphy for Audo Copenhagen

Cast aluminum and brushed brass form an undeniable elegance in Audo Copenhagen’s Cast sconce. The latest in lighting is timeless, as is the nature of this luxurious design, which is based on age-old plumb weights that masons and carpenters have been hanging from lines since ancient Egyptian times to establish a true vertical. The pendant’s graphic expression also incorporates new components to establish a distinct identity. $370, LightForm.

Designlines Lighting ZEED


A large handmade durable-paper shade is supported by an anodized folded aluminum base in this playful design from creative consultancy ZEED. The Bow shade can be presented in two orientations, adding a customizable element to its ability to create a unique ambiance in any space. Pricing upon request, ZEED Light.

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