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Little Fire Starter

Designed by Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster, this cottage fireplace pulls triple duty

By Amrit Phull
Photography by Doublespace Photography

What’s black, white and blue all over? Designed by Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster, the sunny interiors of this open-concept cottage (Sky House – Stoney Lake, Ontario) , dressed in off-axis sawtooth skylights and wall-to-wall sliding glass for picture-perfect lakeside views. The mood is cool tones and crisp angles, finished in whitewashed plywood panelling and polished black concrete floors – but a socle in the centre of the room, outfitted with a high-efficiency wood-burning fireplace by Stûv, gives warmth to the heart of the space. An all-in-one reading nook, space divider and daybed for the dog, this low pedestal marks a transition from dining to unwinding within the continuous room. The steely blue glazed brick absorbs and releases heat for cozy getaways in cooler months, and is laid in stepped coursing, blurring its edges and adding texture to the slick aesthetic of the space. Cushiony furniture in shades of cyan and cerulean adheres to the blue theme – the favourite colour of the youngest member of the family. CK-JJ.COM

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