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Louis Poulsen’s PH 5 Retake Marries Classic Design and Sustainability

Louis Poulse PH 5 Retake

An upcycled take on Poul Henningsen’s iconic pendant emphasizes the designer’s enduring legacy

By Joseph Cicerone

When it comes to lighting design, few names hold as much prestige and influence as Poul Henningsen. The Danish architect and designer revolutionized the way we think about lighting with the PH 5 pendant for Louis Poulsen in 1958. Today, with its innovative approach to light diffusion and timeless aesthetic, the PH 5 remains a symbol of exceptional form and function, alongside a new model that pays homage to the original through a uniquely sustainable lens.

PH 5 Retake Pendant
LEFT The PH 5 Retake’s bare metal inner shades give a particularly gentle light reflection, delivering a warm and cozy ambience. The lower shade is fitted with frosted diffuser glass to prevent glare. RIGHT Architect and designer Poul Henningsen began his relationship with the Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen back in 1925.

Dubbed the PH 5 Retake, this new suspension lamp is the result of a meticulous upcycling process wherein vintage or imperfect PH 5 models are stripped of their paint to reveal a raw aluminum and steel skeleton beneath. The transformation continues with retrofitted hardwiring and a protective dry lubricant.

PH 5 Pendant
The PH 5 Mini Pendant in Blue, and the PH 5 Pendant in Grey.

Despite its raw finish – a stark contrast to the thoughtful colouration of the classic PH 5 and subsequent PH 5 Mini – the Retake preserves the original’s extraordinary design elements. To combat the harsh glare and uneven distribution of light typically found in conventional pendant lamps, Henningsen designed multiple layers of concentric shades that not only shield the light source, but also ensure a gentle and diffused illumination.

PH 5 Retake,

Adding to the Retake’s eco-edge, the assembly of each shade is designed so that the PH 5 Retake can be easily disassembled, repaired and reused. The PH 5 Retake is not just a light fixture; it is a testament to the power of exceptional design to shape our surroundings and elevate our everyday experiences. Continuing Henningsen’s legacy of innovation, it challenges the notion that utilitarian objects must sacrifice beauty for practicality, or quality for sustainability. LIGHTFORMSHOP.COM.

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