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Sourcery Brings Ease and Efficiency to the Professional Design Community


The new project management platform makes it easier to source products and work together on complex design projects.

By Designlines in partnership with Sourcery

Ever wish that you didn’t have to wade through hundreds of e-mails just to find the product specifications or client feedback that you need? These days, with so many teams working remotely, commercial design projects require a lot of back-and-forth messaging. But a lot of the time, that can add up to an extremely clogged inbox.


Enter Sourcery, which is built from the ground up to improve the process of sourcing and selecting great products for your design projects. According to Sourcery, today’s typical design team spends only 30 per cent of their time actually designing — with the remaining 70 per cent spent managing the acquisition process. Sourcery’s cloud-computing solution corrects this balance, freeing you up to spend more time doing the design work that you enjoy most.

Part social collaboration tool and part project management platform, Sourcery allows a project’s stakeholders to easily exchange ideas, monitor progress and provide approvals all in the same central hub. By consolidating and distilling relevant product information into an efficient, easy-to-understand interface, Sourcery brings greater transparency to every stage of the procurement process — from design and budgeting right through to bidding and construction. This encourages more timely, more engaged correspondence with both contractors and clients — effectively ensuring that everyone’s voice gets heard.


Currently, the platform focuses specifically on lighting products — but it is evolving rapidly, with plans to soon incorporate other product sectors as well. Here’s how it works: first, you create a project and build a schedule, sharing it with your team, client, and stakeholders. As you specify products, your collaborators see these selections in real-time — allowing them to then add their own comments, or to review important details like pricing. By creating custom product libraries, your team can maintain an up-to-date database of shared favourites to better maintain consistency between projects and boost overall productivity. You can also follow your favourite designers for ongoing inspiration.

Meanwhile, Sourcery’s comprehensive interface and real-time calculations make it easy to confirm if a project is within budget, and to see exactly where dollars are being spent — reducing the risk of financial surprises and unforeseen setbacks down the road. And to help integrate with the rest of your workflow, schedules and library information can also be easily exported and saved as a local Excel file.

The current product market can be an overwhelming place. Sourcery’s fresh approach revolutionizes team communication to make it faster and easier to source, approve, and procure innovative new products. For now, it makes a great solution for sourcing lighting products — but it’s clear from Sourcery’s rapid growth that lighting is only the beginning. gosourcery.com

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