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Sustainable Products to Beautify the Earth – and your Home

Sustainable Products, Designlines shop guide

Take the new year as an opportunity to give our planet earth a little extra love

By Julia Landolfi and Elena Senechal-Becker

With a growing list of sustainable products on the market, there’s no reason to cut corners when it comes to taking care of our planet. Keeping the climate in mind, best practices for consumers include opting for reusable or biodegradable alternatives to everyday items and considering the materials used to produce some of our favourite household goods. Need some inspiration? Here are 13 eco-friendly products on our radar that will help beautify your home and cut your carbon footprint.

Mjolk eco-friendly collection

The Hinoki Collection

Artfully made amongst the Mountains of Kochi, Japan, local Hinoki cypress wood is carefully selected in order to avoid overconsumption. Hand-crafted, or what the Japanese call “monotsukuri,” the Hinoki collection is made from this material and features a water bucket, toothbrush holder and bath caddy among other handy bathroom accessories. From $22, at Mjolk.

eco-friendly products

Niizh Pillow

Founded in Winnipeg, Indigo Arrows is an Indigenous-owned textiles brand that produces all of its products locally. Inspired by Anishinaabe pottery patterns that originated over 3,000 years ago, the Niizh Pillow is made from 100% natural materials and represents Indigenous culture beyond the museum. From $89, at Indigo Arrows.

Good Guest Kit - Home sustainable Products

Good Guest Kit

Guests on Earth is a female-founded, Toronto-based start-up on a mission to rethink the way we use cleaning products in our homes. Co-founder Jackie Prince was working from home with two small kids and cleaning constantly when she realized how much trash she was accumulating. After learning that only 9% of plastics are recycled, she set out to re-define cleaning products as not only sustainably packaged, but counter-worthy — their packaging made from recyclable aluminum and offered in small refills. The brand’s Good Guest kit is the perfect entry point into the world of cleaning as self-care — and Earth-care, too. $67, at Guests on Earth.

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress

Silk & Snow Organic Mattress

Ever opened up a new mattress and had to let it air out for a while to get rid of that chemical smell? Silk & Snow uses eco-friendly materials such as linen and cotton, paired with conscious manufacturing and OEKO-TEX certification to make some of the best environmentally-conscious sheets, mattresses and bedding available. Plus, the brand partnered with EQ3 (a retailer growing its roster of sustainable products) to bring their wares to brick-and-mortar stores — find one near you to avoid shipping costs (and carbon emissions)! From $700, at EQ3.

Lohn Candle - home sustainable products

Lohn Candle

Lohn‘s scented candles can be spotted in many design shops in Toronto — and for good reason. The brand’s delicious scents are inspired by an ancient trade route called the Amber Road, which crosses the founder’s home countries of Poland and Estonia. Made of soy and coconut-based wax and cotton wicks, the sustainable candles are packaged in recyclable glass jars (we love to use these as drinking glasses after use — they are food grade!). And best of all, they’re all made by a small team of artisans in Toronto. $42, at 313 Design Market.

Sustainable products, lighting

Polar Array

The Polar Array light makes a statement by way of a bold geometric appearance and customizable configurations. Manufactured right here in the city, this eco-friendly light fixture consists of 100% recyclable components as well as zero-plastic acoustics. Similar to many other aaline products, the Polar Array is B Corp certified and the entire manufacturing process is powered with green energy. Pricing available upon request, aaline.

sustainable products

Salam Teapot

Inspired by her upbringing in the South of France, Clementine Boutique founder Christina McDowell was tired of constantly having to repurchase kitchen tools after a short use. Her solution: high-quality, long-lasting, sustainable products. Made by dedicated craftsmen in France, the Salam Teapot is an elegant tea kettle with a loose-leaf infuser. Aside from keeping 20,000 teabags out of landfills (and counting) the mid-century-inspired teapot has even earned its own spot in the MoMA, taking the “art” of tea brewing to a whole new level. From $239, at Clementine Boutique.

Erin + Co. Designlines

Le Bonnet Beanie

Comprised of 100% biodegradable natural fibres manufactured in Scotland, the Le Bonnet beanie is woven from ethically sourced lambswool. Durable and warm enough to withstand Toronto’s most brutal winters, this cute and cozy toque is one of our favourite sustainable products in fashion. $105, from Erin + Co.

FitsPuzzle, Rose City Goods

Cheers! Puzzle

Puzzles that double as wall art? Sign us up. Known for decorative puzzles that feature artwork created by up-and-coming female artists, Vancouver based brand Fits creates linen-coated puzzles made from recycled cardboard. While the Cheers! 1,000 piece puzzle features dreamy photography by Quinn Poer, the brand works with a multitude of artists who create with varying mediums and represent cultures from all over the world. From $40, at Rose City Goods.

puzzle woodland

Woodland Animals

No single use plastics here! Even the kiddos can do their part in caring for the planet with littleyoyo’s collection of eco-friendly wooden children’s toys. Inspired by their son Yoyo’s love of dextrously challenging games, founders Jerry and Yajun source toys such as the Woodland Animals puzzle, that both stimulate young minds and won’t have you scurrying to clear scattered pieces off the floor when guests arrive. $40, at littleyoyo.

Pink Moons eco-friendly rug

Pink Moons

The Pink Moons rug is one of the many antique Moroccan rugs placed in the careful hands of Atelier Nomade, who’s focus is on low impact sustainable products for your home. The Pink Moons rug, originally woven in the 1930’s by the Beni Mguild tribe, has only required minor restorations since its creation. Step your thrifting game up with timeless authentic pieces such as this, which have been passed down through generations. $5,989, from Atelier Nomade.

Sustainable products, Designlines

Maple Syrup Jug

Adored by all West End Torontonians, Roncesvalles Avenue houses a strip of the city’s favourite small businesses, including Ecotique! The local shop sells a multitude of sustainable gifts, toiletries, kitchen products and home goods that replace single use and non-recyclable alternatives. With this maple syrup jar, you’ll never have to deal with a sticky plastic syrup containers ever again. $50, at Ecotique.

Rove Concepts

Organic Bamboo Viscose Sheet Set + Duvet Cover Set

Committed to shifting towards more sustainable products, Rove Concepts first launched the organic bamboo Rora bedding collection in 2019. In contrast to its less sustainable predecessor – cotton – bamboo fabric has antibacterial and moisture wicking properties for maximum comfort and requires less water during production. Sleep peacefully knowing you’re wrapped in sheets made from eco-friendly materials. From $199, at Rove Concepts.

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