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These Art Glass Objects are All About Process

With Jeff Goodman Studio’s colourful Chroma glass, designer Sylvia Lee puts a moment under a multi-hued microscope

By Elena Senechal-Becker
Photography by Worker Bee Supply

Have you ever looked at a work of art and been reminded of a moment in time? If not, might we recommend peeking at the newest collection from Jeff Goodman Studio, Telescope? Designed by executive and creative director Sylvia Lee, Chroma glass – a flagship product of the studio – is carefully cut into a circle and, with steel bases and brass frames, fashioned into nesting tables and wall-mounted decor.

art glass

Lee explains that the pieces are inspired by memory. “What was once a clear picture,” she says, “becomes worn and fragmented and turns into something different. Every circle is a moment captured as if looked at through a telescope.” Lee wants viewers to take the time to peer into the glass landscapes, to see if they call up any recollections. “Each one has a colouration that may or may not evoke a feeling,” she says.

With the help of team members Blaise Campbell, Evan Butters and Aidan Crichton, Lee has long pushed the boundaries of glass. Chroma, the precursor to Telescope, premiered in 2012 and is now one of the studio’s most popular architectural glass products. To create it, the studio’s artisans start by pulling coloured glass rods in the “hot shop.” Once cooled, they are placed in the kiln in different configurations to create a flat panel. The labour-intensive technique is highly rewarding, but it requires infinite attention to detail – glass, blown at 2,000 degrees, is unforgiving.

And though it would be easy for Lee (a former furniture designer) to focus on the final products borne from Telescope, the tangible outcome isn’t what matters most to her. “The process is more important. The idea for Telescope has been within me for a very long time. Now that it’s finally come out, it’s a relief.” JEFFGOODMANSTUDIO.COM

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