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Tom Dixon Just Launched a New Delaktig Collection for IKEA

We’re already head over heels for the British designer’s sleek new series of Delaktig beds and accompanying accessories

By Sara Cunningham

Fans of Tom Dixon’s IKEA Delaktig series, his first hacking-inspired collaboration with the Swedish manufacturer, will be happy to learn that the British superstar is taking another stab at flat-packed home furnishings, launching in Toronto stores this month. This time, he’s focused on the bedroom, launching two knock-down aluminum platform beds.

“I’m fascinated by the bed as a kind of primary unit that everybody needs.” says Dixon. “It’s essential; we spend more time in contact with our beds than with any other piece of furniture. So why not make it do more?”

As with his previous launch, Delaktig part two comes with optional accessories that can be moved around and swapped as needed. There’s a side table and two headboard options that click into place, including a breezy rattan version shown above.

Available in queen sizes, the bed frames are made from 50% recycled aluminum. What’s more, the frame’s parts are connected with super-strong bent joints – a production method used within the aviation industry. Good news for people who might have to carry their new Delaktig bed up a flight of stairs: this method makes the frames super lightweight.

“Good designers will be good spotters of patterns,” says Dixon, “and you apply that, or you spot a series of disparate elements, and you bring them together to be one strong idea.” That’s the case with this new launch.  Streamlined, lightweight, and graphic, his latest work is sure to please his fans, not to mention those looking for a good’s night sleep.

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