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5 Kitchen Accessories to Treat Yourself – and Your Beverages – To

Kitchen Accessories for drinks

No, we can’t have big holiday parties this year, but we can still drink in style

By Designlines

Under normal circumstances, we’d cite the season’s holiday parties as the reason to upgrade your beverage game. Things are obviously a bit different this year, but honestly, maybe that’s an even better reason to have a household-only shindig – and to have a stylish one, at that. If a public health crisis stops us from treating others, why not treat ourselves? Below, some of our top picks for transforming a casual drink into something a little more celebratory.

kitchen accessories - Soapstone Wine Cooler

Soapstone Wine Cooler

Soapstone is not only gorgeous, but the material is also capable of holding a cool temperature for an extended period of time. So keep your Champagne chilly – and looking good – in this wine cooler designed by Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. $240 at Mjölk.

Kitchen accessories - Chariot Bar Cart

Chariot Bar Cart

GamFratesi’s trolley for Casamania is made of wooden trays affixed to a metal framework that doubles as the handle. It comes in red, white, grey and – our favourite – oak. Available at Suite 22 Interiors.

kitchen accessories - Noe Wine Rack

Noe Wine Rack

Modelled after bunches of grapes, Giulio Iacchetti’s modular wine rack for Alessi lets serious sommeliers stack multiple units together to showcase their full collection of cabernets, merlots and the like. Made of polymide, Noe is available in white, black or burgundy. $460, at Bergo Designs.

Kitchen Accessories - Sukat Makkaralla Tumbler

Sukat Makkaralla Tumbler

This hand-blown cerulean tumbler’s rings give it a shape that recalls bunched up socks (the name of this new Marimekko product line, “Sukat Makkaralla,” means “socks rolled down” in Finnish). The rings also make it easy to grip, which could work to your advantage after a few gin and tonics. Available at The Finnish Place.

Kitchen Accessories - bottle openers

Crest Bottle Openers

Industrial in finish yet refined in shape, these graphic, cast brass bottle openers by Fort Standard are the epitome of Brooklyn style. Available at Fort Standard.

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