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9 Modern Pet Accessories You Can Find in Toronto

modern pet accessories

From a mid-century food bowl to a water-resistant blanket, these modern home goods and accessories will enrich your pet’s life

By Elena Senechal-Becker

If you feel like you’re spending a lot of time in the house these days, imagine how your cat or dog feels. These animals need lots of stimulation, but they also need a cozy place to rest after a long day of chasing their tails. And while we all want the best for our fur-babies, it can sometimes be hard to integrate pet-specific objects into a design-savvy home. Don’t worry about it, though: we rose to the challenge and gathered our favourite modern home goods that will appeal to both your sensibilities and your pet’s animal instincts. 

modern pet accessories

Wooden Wall Hook

Fabricated locally by Concord, Ontario’s KROFT Studio, this minimalist hook makes a great addition to any dog owner’s entryway. Made of solid wood, it makes it easy to grab a leash and collar in a hurry, when your pooch needs to go, fast! Available in natural and black. $20, at Kroft

modern pet accessories

Lurvig Scratching Mat 

The Lurvig mat might just be a lifesaver if you’ve got a hyperactive kitten in the house. Made of sisal and jute, it sewn-in straps easily wrap around table and chair legs to provide your furniture with sturdy protection from your cat’s sharp claws – a worthwhile investment to protect your fanciest rosewood dining set. $9, at Ikea.

Soma Shelf

Is it a storage unit or cat playground? Why not both? Featuring a laser-cut, cold-rolled steel frame with a matte powder coat finish and multifunctional cubbies, it’s as easy to stow things away as it is to climb. Just don’t put your things in the bottom cupboard – it features a hidden litter box, so things could get messy. Available in multiple colourways. From $2500, at COFO Design.

modern pet accessories

Double Tuck Felt Basket

Even though they aren’t primarily aimed at pet owners, we think these felt baskets, originally made to hold knick-knacks like magazines and sewing supplies, look pretty cozy (at least from a cat’s point of view). And since they’re made of 100 per cent wool, we bet you wouldn’t be able to stop your pet from sleeping in it, anyway. Available in three sizes in off-white, lilac, and red. From $207, at Urban Mode.




Alessi has come through with this adorable glass storage jar topped with a howling pup. Perfect for storing kibble or treats, it includes a resin lid with a silicone seal to ensure whatever’s inside stays fresh. Available in red and black. $58, at Bergo Designs. 

modern pet accessories

Mid-Century Modern Dog Bowl 

This bowl might just be the dog-friendly version of our dream mid-century modern dining table. Handmade by Toronto-based Etsy store House of Barkley (which also makes doggy jumpsuits!), the stand is solid wood, while its ceramic bowl is detachable and dishwasher-safe. $46, on Etsy.

Lurvig Blanket

Muddy paws are unavoidable after a trip to the dog park (even the fancy ones), but the last thing you want is paw prints trailing around the inside your home. The Lurvig blanket is water-resistant and easy to wipe down, making it easy to clean after cleaning up your pup. $26, at Ikea.

modern pet accessories

Doggie Lounge Beanbag

Your goodest boy deserves a velvet couch. Cult beanbag brand Fatboy’s Doggie Lounge is luxurious, but with durable TPE rubber bottom, it’ll withstand your pet’s paws and won’t get ripped to shreds. Complete with a bone detail at the front, this velvet dog bed is the perfect addition to your dog-friendly bedroom setup. $285, at Neat. 

Collar by Team Plover 

Handmade in Canada with corrosion-resistant hardware and available in a variety of patterns and colours, Plover’s collars are a stylish, durable fit for your pooch. It gets even better, though: for each leash or collar purchased, Team Plover transports one dog in need to a better home – they’ll even send you a video of the dog you helped rescue! From $33 on Team Plover.

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