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A Squeaky-Clean Bathroom Design by Boychuk Fuller

Penny round tiles and curved lines soften this all-white bathroom retreat

By Amrit Phull
Photography by Angus Fergusson

Boychuk Fuller‘s task for this redesign: simple, functional, and squeaky clean. The secret to the subtlety is in its soft edges: glazed porcelain penny round tiles flow from floor to wall, creating a gradual shading under dimmable lighting for a soothing ambience.

Lacquered floating vanity made by Catfish Design.

The softened outline is a practical way of preventing dirt and dust from gathering in the corners and provides light that is gentle on the eyes at night when washed with at-floor LEDs concealed behind the vanity.

The room’s white-as-snow aesthetic continues with a thin envelope of Corian, which marries tub and shower, seamlessly wrapping the wet areas. For a perfectly uncluttered appearance, the same material tops the wall-mounted vanity, which is outfitted with eight touch-latch drawers.

A Corian sink surrounds shower and tub; penny round tiles from Saltillo Imports.

With extra storage in the expansive mirror cabinet and a perfect square Corian nook in the wall, shower caddies are forever banished.

Originally published in our Best New Homes 2019 issue as 
Boychuk Fuller.

Also by Boychuk Fuller: An attic transformed into a family treehouse.

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