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Two Designer Capsule Collections for Lovers of the Bright and Beautiful

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Including the latest release from Marimekko’s Artist Series and playful paint courtesy of Farrow & Ball

By Designlines
Photography by Robin Kitchin (Christopher's portrait)

Step into a world of vibrant creativity with two new designer capsule collections aimed to ignite your passion for bold colour and patterns. From the imaginative palettes of Farrow & Ball to Marimekko’s unique tabletop accessories, these collections are a celebration of artistry and design, promising to enliven your living spaces and accentuate your personality.

Farrow & Ball, Designlines
Photography by James Merrell.

In Living Colour

Twelve new paint colours and three new wallpaper patterns make up the handcrafted Carte Blanche collection from Farrow & Ball. In collaboration with fashion designer Christopher John Rogers, whose eclectic garments have been worn by the likes of Zendaya and Beyoncé, the capsule release boasts a colour palette of elevated exuberance. In a precise balance of heritage and modernity, Carte Blanche’s paint shades range from vivid blue to cheerful pink, while its wallpaper patterns play with shape across three unique colourways.

Colourful Wallpaper Ideas
Photography by James Merrell.

“I’m obsessed with Christopher’s use of colour; he treats it so tenderly and the result can be a beautifully tempered explosion or a slick confident splash,” comments Charlotte Cosby, creative director for Farrow & Ball. FARROW-BALL.COM

Sabine Finkenauer
Photography by Claudia Zalla.

New & Now

The latest in Marimekko’s ongoing Artist Series features a charismatic collaboration with the talented Sabine Finkenauer. The artist’s distinctive style, characterized by abstract and geometric motifs, has been meticulously translated into an exquisite range of ceramics and home textile products designed exclusively for the Finnish design house.

Designer Capsule Collections 2023

The designer capsule collection was unveiled during Milan Design Week, the newly released 16-piece collection showcases seven original artworks hand-drawn using oil pastels. Both modern and playfully nostalgic, the result is a vibrant and joyful collection that infuses art into the fabric of daily life with its bold colours and prints. EQ3.COM

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