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Sustainable Bedroom Products for a Healthy Haven

Sustainable Bedroom ideas

Treasures for your pad that keep the plant in mind

By Designlines

By opting for eco-friendly and responsibly sourced furniture, you not only contribute to a healthier planet but also create a more harmonious and inviting home. Whether you’re incorporating vintage decor or reaching for products made of recycled materials, shopping sustainably enhances the overall ambiance of your space, bringing a sense of peace and well-being that positively impacts both your health and the environment. To inspire your next shopping trip, here are some sustainable bedroom products that caught our attention.

Essentia Organic Mattress in a Minimalist Bedroom


Sustainable bedding made from organic or recycled materials ensures a healthier sleep environment. The Tatami mattress uses organic latex foam that acts like memory foam without any of the petrochemical or toxic ingredients. Designed to maintain clean air for a healthy night’s sleep, the mattress was even tested and determined by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to be impervious to dust mites. Sleep tight knowing that this sustainable bedroom furniture piece is working hard to keep you resting easy. From $2,448, at Essentia

sustainable products, bedding


Every earth-friendly bed needs a bed set to match. Like all Wilet products, the Heirloom Quilted Set features ultra-soft organic linen, one of the most low-impact textiles in the world. The naturally temperature-regulating material makes for a cool yet cozy sleep during warmer months. From $540, at Wilet.

Vintage Furniture, Sustainable


With greenwashing on the rise and alarm bells ringing over the environmental consequences of online shopping, finding a truly sustainable piece of furniture can quickly become an exhausting feat. When in doubt, vintage and reclaimed products offer a sure way to reduce your carbon footprint. Better yet, shopping local for large pieces like this 8 Drawer Teak Dresser from Guff will keep your bedroom green and looking specially curated. $845, at Guff

Sustainable Bedroom ideas


Kenyan sisal fibre is used by local artisans to craft Obakki’s chic alternative to traditional hampers and bedroom storage—one of our favourite sustainable products when it comes to bedroom decorating. In a deep black finish or red/beige blend the handmade Sisal basket crosses global flair with a modern aesthetic.  $145, at Obakki

eco lighting


If you’re looking for something both sustainable and stylish, look no further than Graypants’ Moon Scraplights Table Lamp. Featuring a sturdy brass frame, black cord, and durable rocker switch, this chic table lamp is made from recycled cardboard. Take it one step furniture and opt for energy-efficient bulbs, they’ll reduce your carbon footprint and save on utility bills. $485, at Casa di Luce



Since its inception in 2007, WallyGrow has diverted 10+ million plastic bottles from landfills through its use of 100% recycled plastic in the fabrication of its Wallygrow Eco Wall Planter. This smart watering channel design allows water to hit the roots directly, and the front perforated holes allow for breathability to prevent common plant diseases such as root rot. Best of all, the Eco is 100% leakproof! Which means no mess in your bedroom. $45, at Urban Gardener

Vagabond Ottoman


Vagabond is a carbon-neutral ottoman manufactured right here in the city. Beyond a production process that creates no waste, the luxury ottoman is made with renewable wood that comprises 78 per cent of the product. As a bedside seating option or accessory to your bedroom vanity, the Vagabond makes for a healthy and stylish sustainable product for the home. $495, at Keilhauer

Sustainable products


No need to compromise your sustainable bedroom with a toxic and overpowering scent. Hand poured in Parkdale, the Sourced & Salvaged Haley Lavender Black Pepper Essential Oil candle is 100 per cent Paraben- and phthalate-free. Made of soy, its slow burn will eventually leave you with a compostable cotton wick and a ceramic vessel that can be repurposed as a catch-all or planter. $40, at Labour of Love.

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