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Sustainable Kitchen Solutions

kitchen with Cosentino’s Silestone countertops

Sustainable kitchen products to take your eco-friendly home reno to the next level

By Designlines

In the same way our cars and clothing are increasingly designed with the climate in mind, it’s natural that our home products are following suit. These four green machines offer sustainable solutions to everyday kitchen products without sacrificing style or innovation.

Enchantment Kitchen by Moralia

Enchantment Kitchen

Moralia’s cutting-edge (and eye-appealing) kitchen systems embody sustainable thinking in more ways than one. With panels made of natural materials like wood pulp and vegetable resin and countertops made of Corian, they’re ditching commonly used toxic sealants like melamine, phenol or formaldehyde. Plus, their integrated LED lighting is designed to run for 50,000 hours before being replaced — so you can look forward to a brighter future. Price upon request, at Moralia.

Autodos Dishwasher by Miele

Autodos Dishwasher

Thanks to its highly efficient filter system, Autodos reduces water consumption to 8.9 litres for a full load — meaning less electricity is needed to heat it. It calibrates the amount of dishes in the chamber and carefully adapts its water consumption — so you can clean a half-load with a clear conscience. From $3099, at Miele.

kitchen with Cosentino’s Silestone countertops

Silestone Countertops

Designed for both style and sustainability, Cosentino’s Silestone countertops combine natural minerals and recyclable materials to create stunning slabs that mimic marble – minus the heavy carbon footprint. Offered in multiple colours and patterns, these durable countertops fit in with any kitchen style.Price upon request, at Cosentino.

Drava Faucet by Vogt Industries

Drava Faucet

The Drava Faucet’s innovative criss-cross stream — known as the Mikado stream, after the Japanese stick game of the same name — saves water while preventing splash back. The faucet is equipped with a pull-out sprayer and an elegant brass docking mechanism, making it easy to maneuver around any sink. Offered in nine versatile finishes — from brushed gold to matte black — it’s a showpiece addition to any kitchen. Price upon request, at Vogt Industries.

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