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8 Top Stores in Toronto to Find Rugs and Floor Coverings

Whether you’re looking for a discrete hallway runner or a show-stopping floor rug, these Toronto shops have you (and your floor) covered.

By Elena Senechal-Becker

Few home items have as much resting on them (literally) as the rug. These multi-talented textiles have to withstand constant stomping, resist slipping and cradle furniture without falling apart. And whether they’re adding a pop of colour to a room or toning down its colour palette, rugs are not to be underestimated. It’s no wonder, then, that craftsmanship is paramount. Be it hand-knotted or machine-made, traditional or contemporary, Moroccan or Iranian, these Toronto shops will help you find the right rug to tie your whole room together. 


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1. Atelier Nomade

Atelier Nomade’s Alexander Jowett sources vintage and antique handmade Morrocan rugs, with an eye for long-lasting products with a low environmental impact (he also designs his own). His Brockton Village shop (which doubles as his home base) is also replete with other eclectic interior and lifestyle goods, from market bags to painted axes. Various Morrocan-inspired pieces, such as poufs and light fixtures, are also in store in case you want to complete the look. Read more about Atelier Nomade here.


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2. JMD Rugs and Carpets

JMD Rugs and Carpets’s family-owned business, opened by Arun Khanna in 2013, runs a large showroom with over 5000 rug models (just in case you were looking for a really wide selection). In addition to handmade and machine-made rugs in a variety of materials, from wool to cowhide to bamboo silk, JMD also offers broadloom (wall-to-wall) carpeting in an array of textures and colours for those who just can’t get enough. Read more about JMD Rugs and Carpets here.

3. Dominion Rug & Home

Dominion Rug is a tried and true rug shop, and has been operating in Toronto for 80 years and have worked with countless designers to bring bespoke rugs to the home. Offering a variety of floor coverings, from rugs and carpeting to cork and luxury vinyl, Dominion Rug & Home is a go-to for any floor renovation. Some of their specialty area rug brands include household names like Ralph Lauren, Kevin Walz, and Barbara Barry. Read more about Dominion Rug & Home here.


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4. Allan Rug

Allan Rug Company does carpet and flooring for any type of space, from the residential to the commercial. Their M. O. is traditional Persian rugs with a modern flair, though custom rugs are also available. Their broadloom and sisal (made from natural fabric) carpets can be installed in a jiffy, while their generous selection of shags and hides will bring character to any space. Read more about Allan Rug Company here.


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5. Tapis

Located in Toronto’s design district, Tapis (French for rug, fittingly) does rugs as well as creative custom flooring and installation. Their wide range of products is vetted for quality and durability, and they are adamant about using recycled products as much as possible, sourcing rugs made of renewable, biodegradable and carbon netural materials like New Zealand wool and Bamboo silk. Read more about Tapis here.


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6. Thirty Six Knots

The story of Thirty Six Knots started with a carpet. The shop is named after the 36 symmetrical knots per square inch of the oldest known carpet in the world, the Pazyryk, discovered in the Altai Mountains in Siberia. Inspired by the Pazyryk’s precise craftsmanship, Thirty Six Knots approaches textile with an ambitious and artistic approach. Their storefront offers a variety of whimsical and contemporary rug styles, and they’ve branched out into home goods such as lighting, home decor, and even fashion accessories. Read more about Thirty Six Knots here.


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7. Mellah

While on a sabbatical in Marrakesh in 2016, Mellah’s owners Miriam and John developed an adoration for the textiles and artisanal works of Morocco. Upon their return to Toronto, they opened their own shop, Mellah, where they now share their collection of vintage and modern Moroccan rugs with us locals. Their vintage Beni Ourain rugs and array of neon Babouches and poufs make for the perfect contrast to set your space apart from the crowd. Read more about Mellah here.


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8. Creative Matters

Founded in 1988, Creative Matters takes an ethics-first approach to floor and wall covering. Their high production standards – from fair labour to environment protection to quality – make them an excellent choice for larger projects, too. Read more about Creative Matters here.

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