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VELUX Skylights Harness The Potential of Natural Light

VELUX’s range of skylights offers a variety of flexible natural lighting options for every kind of build — all without costing the Earth.

By Designlines in partnership with Velux

Whether it’s the middle of summer or the dead of winter, our interior spaces can always use a bit more natural light. It’s an important factor of human health — and being deprived of light can have negative effects on both the body and mind. VELUX, the world leader in skylights and roof windows, puts to excellent use our most abundant natural resource by developing and manufacturing environmentally friendly products that provide and control daylight and fresh air. And because sunlight is cheaper than electricity, the VELUX line of products are also a cost-effective way of lighting your space long-term.

Velux Skylights Bring Light to an office lobby

Recently, the company has developed a product to rival all skylights: the aptly named VELUX Modular Skylight — designed in collaboration with renowned London-based firm Foster + Partners— is a versatile skylight system that leaves room for expressing your creativity in daylighting design. Inspiring designers to re-think their use of skylights — they don’t just have to be an occasional thing! — the new system allows more daylight as well as fresh air into the space, thus improving the indoor environment and the occupant’s well-being. Studies have shown that natural light improves mental and physical health, as well as productivity: what better reason to ensure that your space is always bathed in sunshine?

A Velux Skylight used in an Equestrian barn

As the first completely prefabricated skylight of its kind, the Velux Modular Skylight brings fresh air and natural light into spaces without compromising the integrity of the building envelope — a balance that is often difficult to achieve. Each roof glazing solution is delivered with special prefabricated flashing — a water-repellant adhesive — ensuring an ideal fit and 100% water tightness. With many configurations possible, it can enhance any building’s curb appeal and create the perfect natural lighting solution for various building types — from homes to schools to offices.

Velux 2030 Initiative

Beyond their commitment to technical excellence, VELUX prioritizes sustainability at each step of their process. Their goal to become lifetime carbon neutral by their 100th anniversary in 2041 is at the heart of everything they do. Their journey has begun by committing to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 50% by 2030. After a company-wide audit demonstrated that 94% of the business’ CO2 came from their value chain — with only six percent resulting from company emissions — VELUX got to work on determining how to cut down on emissions as efficiently as possible. Among other commitments, the company aims to reduce their product carbon footprint by fifty percent and only employ packaging that is one-hundred per cent recyclable and plastic-free — as well as reduce their air travel emissions by 30%, and employ only electric cars by 2025.

Meet with the VELUX team to enhance your project with VMS, or learn more about VELUX’s sustainability initiatives .

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