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A Trio of Kitchens That Bring Warmth Back to the Hearth

cozy kitchen ideas design

3 warmth and cozy kitchen ideas featuring gold-veined marble, farmhouse vibes and biophilic design

By Designlines

A kitchen is more than just a place to cook a meal. It’s the focal point of the home, a place to gather – even if it’s just over a quick meal – and catch up with one another. As such, they ought to feel as warm as the term “hearth” implies. Below, we take a look at three ideas of our cozy kitchen favourites.

cozy kitchen ideas - Sansa Interiors
Thanks to brand new windows and southwest exposure (and nary a wall in sight), sunlight is another taken-from- nature element found in abundance. Photo by Bruno Belli.

In Good Graces

In a nunnery turned family home, character emerges in a palette rich in texture and organic hues: natural white-oak flooring, a finely grained walnut island, subtly veined quartz countertops and stony matte black fixtures. If not for its flawless finishes, it would pass for a farmhouse kitchen. What’s not seen is crucial, too. Appliances are integrated and concealed, as is the hood, which Sansa Interiors founder Jude Kamal likens to a leaf peeling away from the wall of creamy white cabinetry. SANSAINTERIORS.COM

cozy kitchen ideas - Design by Creative director Jessica Neilas - Wolfe Integrative Design
Navy cabinetry paired with American walnut and brass accents imparts warmth into the space. Photo by Giulio Cosmo Calisse.

Back to Nature

What better way to bring a feeling of homeyness into a kitchen than with plants – not a lone dusty one in the corner, but a plethora of green that envelops the room. Wolfe ID specializes in biophilic looks, integrating stone, wood, natural patterning and colour into its spaces. Creative director Jessica Neilas channels this intent into livable rooms that also focus on ample natural light. The effect appeals to our subconscious, which is comforted by these nods to nature, especially when we’re living in an urban environment or high above the ground. WOLFEID.COM

cozy kitchen ideas - Binns Kitchen Design
The custom table is at counter height for use as extra prep space. Stools by Calligaris; light by Tech Lighting. Photo by Valerie Wilcox.

Gold Standard

Texture, light and warm accents meld this open-concept cozy kitchen with the rest of the house. Sightlines from the living room reveal nothing that screams “kitchen.” The vision of interior designer Erica Sibley at Binns Kitchen + Bath Design, it’s both beautiful and functional. A subtle homage to the owner’s love of Prince sees cabinetry in a custom shade of deep purple paired with pale grey uppers, all by Artcraft Kitchens. But the star attraction is all that gold: the handles, the table, and especially the metallic veining in the large-format porcelain tile. A patterned tile floor exudes the warmth of a rug, adding in more texture and cozy-making surfaces. BINNS.CA

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